Dog Rescues or Dog Shelters – Where To Find A Cockapoo?

Are you looking to Re-home or Rescue a Cockapoo?

Many people looking for a Cockapoo would like to rescue a dog. But where should you start your search? Rescue Cockapoos are in demand but don’t expect to be offered a puppy.

First off, lets look at the differences between a dog rescue and a dog shelter.
Rescue dogs are often located in foster homes. Mostly you will be dealing with individuals, normally fans of the breed. For the Cockapoo the CCGB has a waiting list which can be found here.

What is Respite Care

Sometimes people’s circumstances change and they just need some time away from their dog. That’s when a home is needed to give the owner respite from dog ownership. People move locations to a home where dogs aren’t allowed; have a relationship break up – there are many reasons people have to re-home their dog for a temporary period.
rescue cockapoo
Many older dogs need re-homing and are adorable

Dog Shelters

This is a physical building you can visit because the shelter has accepted the dog permanently.
Animal shelters have varying degrees of standards. Some are good some are not so good. It’s easy to fall into the mind set that since a dog shelter is a place of help you need to just accept its procedures.
That would be a mistake. You should use your judgement about and be mindful of what you may be taking on. These are all important questions you should be prepared to ask.

Rescue Cockapoo Questions

  • Do they have a clean premises
  • Are all dogs have up to date vaccinations and deworming
  • Do they micro chip all dogs
  • Do they spay and neuter all dogs
  • Have they assessed using a true temperament test
  • Will they take the dog back if things don’t work out
  • Do they have a adoption application
  • Do they charge reasonable adoption fees
  • Do they charge reasonable transportation fees
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7 Replies to “Dog Rescues or Dog Shelters – Where To Find A Cockapoo?”

  1. I would love to re home a cockerpoo I’ve wanted one for a few years but have put it off due to working full time and not having the time to commit to looking after one until now, I’m due to retire and think this is the Wright time .

  2. I would love to have a cockerpoo. Had to put my Westie down two months ago. Friends of mine have a cockerpoo and she is adorable. Also I have allergies and need a dog that does not shed. I really am so anxious to have one of these dogs to love and share my life with. Have been a dog lover my entire life and feel lost without having a four legged fur baby sharing my life. Retired four years ago and would have to have a precious little dog to share my life with.

  3. I am desperate to rehome a cockerpoo
    I have been putting it off for a long time but think the time is right now as we both work from home now

    So have the time and dedication

    1. It’s shameful how much breeders are charging! I totally agree with you. We bought our cockapoo puppy for $ 350 and he lived 15 years. Breeders are just in it for the money and it prevents people like us who would be excellent pet parents to own our favorite breed.

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