There Are Many Cockapoo Colours To Choose From

What’s Your Favourite Cockapoo Colour?

Cockapoo puppies vary greatly in colour particularly when the first born (F2) is bred back to the parent breed (F1) passing on a more complex genetic code.

(Click on the colour to see a gallery of that colour Cockapoo). Common Cockapoo puppy colours are:

Cockapoo Puppies Can Be Multi Coloured

Two tone Cockapoo puppies are often described as having a “black tuxedo”, for example, if they are predominantly black with a white torso.

Cockapoos often have intricate markings and appear patchy. They can also have freckle type spots called “ticking”.

American Cockapoos can have a merle coat, inherited from the American Cocker Spaniel and not yet seen in the UK. This makes the coat appear to have a mottled affect.












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