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Dog ownership is a life long commitment. Of course people’s circumstances change, and sometimes that’s what leads to dogs being abandoned or re-homed. But being prepared to care for a dog – for life – means understanding everything that dog ownership entails.

Too many dogs and too many Cockapoos end up in rescue centers and there are a usual set of reasons for this happening:

  • Puppies and adolescent dogs are hard work
  • They are expensive
  • It takes time to train then and exercise them
  • They are expensive
  • They can dominate your life
  • They are not compatible with many people’s life styles and life circumstances
  • Dog owners circumstances change

There is only one way to stop so many unwanted dogs being abandoned; to educate prospective owners about the responsibilities dog ownership entails. This site – Cockapoo For Life – is an attempt to do that as well as celebrating the lovely Cockapoo breed.

Another pitfall in getting a puppy is only a fraction of Cockapoos are bought from registered Cockapoo breeders. This is partly because there are only 30 or so registered breeders in the UK so demand far outweighs supply. There are many responsible hobby breeders as well as everyone has to start somewhere.

The fact is many people will be buying from hobby breeders, one off breeders and just breeders try to raise money to pay off their credit card without much knowledge or care about how to bring a healthy puppy into the world. And then there are many unscrupulous breeders who just want to make a quick profit.

By educating people about the complexities of responsible dog breeding hopefully people will turn away from the worst kind of breeders by making informed choices to ask questions before buying a Cockapoo puppy and not participate in perpetuating the cycle of “puppy mill” dog breeding.

I do hope you enjoy the this website. If you have unanswered questions or in anyway confused about what decision you need to make about buying, rescuing or fostering a Cockapoo, please drop a note below, or contact a registered breeder or consult your vet.

Thanks for reading!


ps. You can get in touch with me by leaving a comment below.

pps. I have a series of ebooks to help you buy safely and understand the Cockapoo breed.

2 Replies to “About”

  1. Our cockapoois five months old
    Toilet training seemed to be going on ok but suddenly she has started to wee ibn the house. She is also a fearful bully to my six year old granddaughter who now fears her
    She is incredibly active even after a 3 mile walk.
    Any clues to how we treat her.
    Are we allowed to smack her/ Sometimes when she has just dug up my just planted plants I feel like wringing her neck!
    Please can you help?

    1. Hi Anthony – You need to use positive reward based training with your puppy. Smacking is a double negative. Not only will it not help your situation it will harm your dogs relationship with you. I recommend you read the 30 Minute Training book https://sellfy.com/p/Zjze for guidance.
      Best of Luck!

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