Cockapoo Puppies For Sale In Kent

If you’re searching for Cockapoo puppies for sale in Kent you will not find many registered breeders.  The CCGB has one breeder that listed below:

Elaine Hamilton
Orpington, Kent
Contact: Elaine     Tel: 07912 350402

Cockapoo Puppies For In Sale Kent

Your searches are going to return websites like Freeads, Trovit, Gumtree and the like.  Please remember to read my article and put it into practice. If you are from the Kent area you may remember this article in Kentlive news concerning unscrupulous cockapoo breeders that were prosecuted in Court. It’s so important to spend 10 minutes reading up on the subject of buying a puppy – here’s the RSPCA checklist.

There is another breeder advertising cockapoo puppies for sale in Kent not registered with CCGB:
Honeypei Cockapoos 
13 Honey Hill

More information on safely buying a Cockapoo Puppy.