Champagne Cockapoo

Celebrating The Champagne Cockapoo

The Champagne Cockapoo should be celebrated as it’s such a stunning colour and is becoming more popular.

The term ‘Champagne Cockapoo’ is slowly replacing the word ‘blonde’ to describe this lovely colour. It’s almost like cream but different and distinctive in the secondary colours that compliment the lush, vivacious coat. Champagne Cockapoos are lighter in colour and this feature is set off beautifully with a darker muzzle and darker brown soft ears. They can also have a brown or black nose.

Some of the really light Champagne colours have striking blue eyes and brown nose which makes them even more adorable!

miniature champagne cockapoo puppies for sale
Champagne Cockapoos have darker coloured ears

Buying A Champagne Cockapoo

Although they are a bit harder to find than the ever popular black, apricot and sable Cockapoo colours, be cautious and thorough when selecting a breeder. My First Cockapoo,will guide though your search for a responsible breeder.

I keep a list of breeders here or you can go to the CCGB page.


Different Shades of Champagne

champagne cockapoo puppies for sale

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