Cockapoo Rescue Pages: 5 Point Plan

Cockapoo Rescue: What You Need To Know

cockapoo rescue

Cockapoo rescue is the first choice for many people. Although the majority of people want the joy of a puppy, and while Cockapoo puppiesare adorable, a rescue option is a wonderful idea too.

If you’re certain you want to rescue a Cockapoo then you have a number of options to try. If you are not quite sure yet you definitely want a Cockapoo thenread this article first. I also recommend reading reading up thehypoallergenic qualities of the Cockapoo. I should warn you option 5 (below) is quite risky (in terms of being certain you will end up with a happy and healthy dog). Many people do go this route which is why I have included it but you really need to know the difference between a responsible breeder and a irresponsible breeder. Check out the this pageif you want to know more about that. Anyway, here is the list:

  1. Use the list of dog shelters below that accept small and mixed breed dogs (UK only)
  2. Approach the National Cockapoo Breed Clubs
  3. Cockapoo rescues
  4. Dedicated Cockapoo forums
  5. Search classified advertisements

Let’s look at these options in a bit more detail.

List of Cockapoo rescue centres and dog shelters most likely to adopt and re-home a cockapoo dog

cockapoo rescue shelters
Tobias & Trudy

You need to be aware that there arenospecific Cockapoo shelters in the UK or the USA. There are dog shelters however that accept small, mix-breed dogs (which a Cockapoo is). I have compiled a list of over 100 shelters and grouped them into regions- just click on the region to find a shelter near you and ask if they have a Cockapoo.

What you can expect from a shelter

cockapoo rescue puppy
Ollie (cockapoo / chorkie mix)

All shelters want to ensure their dogs are going to a good home. They won’t mind you phoning up and asking if they have cockapoo dog as they want to place every dog in the right home. If you know that a cockapoo is going to suit your lifestyle it shows you have considered your circumstances and the type of dog you can manage. Most rescue dogs are at least 6 months old and you should be prepared to:

  • Exercise your dog at least once a day
  • Keep your dog well groomed
  • Spend money for pet insurance, quality dog food and general set up costs of keeping a dog (basket, crate, collar and leash, toys). It adds up!

There is usually an administration fee to pay if you are going to adopt which is around £100 ($150) – a small contribution to the shelters’ costs. This will often include providing an ID chip, inoculations and neutering. Most shelters insist on doing a home visit and will ask you to fill in some forms about your family composition. Children and other pets are always a consideration as to whether adopting a dog is going to be a success.

The dog should never be a gift for a child. Cockapoo’s live 15-18 years on average and will be around long after a child’s interest in having a puppy has passed. The last thing the shelter wants is for the dog to come back to them so they make every effort to find a permanent loving home. The best shelters offer ongoing support and advice after you adopt a dog as they see sustaining the dog in a new home as part of their service. That said, they won’t let you take the dog unless they feel certain you are ready to make a life long commitment.

Cockapoo Rescue

rescue cockapoo

You should also be aware ofthe difference between a shelter and a rescue. Rescue groups are individuals usually connected to the national breed group or it can be a group of individuals who take in unwanted Cockapoos, and provide them with veterinary care, and seek to re-home them permanently. Shelters can have a level of government funding where as rescues are solely volunteer led and won’t have kennels to house their dogs. Temporary care is given from people’s homes.

The CCGB would be a good starting point of contact in the UK. Here is a page where you can register your interest.

In the USA the breed club has a different purpose as explained by Dave Zaro of the American Cockapoo Club in a recent email to me –

We don’t maintain a list of rescue sites. Rescue groups typically are not just for one particular breed, and they are usually fairly easy to locate in your area if you ask vets or local breeders. The purpose of the American Cockapoo Club is to maintain registry of members’ parents and puppies, and to set standards for the Cockapoo breed as well as hold our member breeders to ethical standards.

It’s not unusual for breed clubs like CCGB or Cockapoo Owners Club (in the UK) to find a foster home if they are notified that a Cockapoo is going to be homeless. If possible the original owner will hang on to their Cockapoo until a new owner is identified through the breed club. Again you can visit the CCGB to register your interest.

Dedicated Cockapoo forums

The forums below are run in association with the national Cockapoo breed clubs. People that are active on the forums are Cockapoo owners and genuinely care and are concerned to hear about Cockapoos who may need re-homing. It’s worthwhile joining the forums, going to the relevant thread and asking for advice about how to rescue a Cockapoo.

Because the UK is much smaller than the USA this option works as you should be able to drive to collect a dog no matter where you live. Forums are not an option in the USA because of the vast geography. As mentioned above only localised searching around registered veterinary practices and reputable cockapoo breeders is realistic.

The two most reliable UK forums are:

Classified Ads (risky)

I’m including this option as so many people choice this method. This is where the hobby breeders and puppy mill agents hang out trying to get rid of left over dogs. There are number of better known websites that are prominent when searching for rescue dogs. Remember to try and speak to the seller over the phone and ask as many questions as you can to find out the history of the dog. Trust your gut feeling about the person you are speaking to and don’t feel obligated to take on a project when you are just looking for a suitable family pet.

Here are the websites that seem to be have better administration around listings:

There may be genuine and honest people trying to re-home their Cockapoo but don’t let your heart rule your head.

Go ToCockapoo Rescue Puppies

Other Resources

Go To Cocker Spaniel Rescue

86 Replies to “Cockapoo Rescue Pages: 5 Point Plan”

  1. Please can you let me know if there is a Cockapoo that needs a loving relaxed forever home. We are an active retired couple who have grandchildren to visit occasionally and are missing having a dog in our lives since our last Labrador passed away of old age.
    Many thanks
    Rod Fuller

    1. Hi, I have a cockatoo color cream she is 5yrs, I have a job now and she got separation issues
      We need a home that’s got time for her, someone who has retired , she’s very loving can you help will travel for right people Thank you

      1. Hi Beverley … my parents in law are looking for an older Cockapoo – they are both retired and miss having a dog. We have a cockapoo that they adore and have now decided a poo is for them. can you send me some more details please

      2. Hi Beverley, are you still looking for a loving home for your cockapoo. We live in Wallasey on the Wirral Peninsula so lots of lovely walks by the sea. My partner would love to have a cockapoo as he is retired so has plenty of time to devote to her. We would love to provide a new home for her. Hope that you may consider meeting us we would be prepared to travel to you. Kind regards Gilly

      3. Hi Beverly, i am an older person with the responsibility of a young child, and i have health issues. i have been looking for a cockapoo for some time now. im not registered on any site but i would be happy to give your parents peace of mind and to give a forever home.

      4. Hello! we live on Wandsworth Common and have recently lost our beloved Cavapoo. He was 11. We would be interested in talking to you about your dog. We are both retired adn have plenty of time to spend with a dog. Is she ok with cats??
        Best wishes

      5. Hi she sounds just what I am looking for, I am retired and walk a great deal but I need a pal who wAnts to walk as much as I do
        I live in Surrey and not working, I ha e a small garden and have had a dog before who unfortunately died of cancer
        Let me know if I can come and visit her
        Best wishes

        1. Hi Pattie I am always home as I have been diagnosed with a rare illness called gastroparises so can’t work and would be really interested

      6. contact Carol Ann Vahl on facebook, she lives in Pittsford NY and her cockapoo died at age 15 years 2 days ago.

        1. interestedi cockapoo retired dog loving person have2cockapoosalready very friendly and love other dogs

    2. Hi there. We are in search of a loving home for Diamond, our cockapoo. She well kept, shots and more. Please call: 410-908-3176 or 443-799-5965 …leave message if no answer. we will return your call. thanks in advance. Everyone loves Diamond and you will too.

      1. Just found this site but I suppose Diamond has already found a new home. If not could you let me know roughly where you are as we live south west and spend most days on or near the beach. Many thanks

    3. I have a cockapoo that is 6 years old and needs a forever home. I am a single mom of 2 and our lives are so busy, our dog gets left in the kennel a lot and needs more attention. Let me know if you are interested. Ann

  2. I have a cockerpoo who is a agility dog .I am looking for another one to train up also to train obedience to gold standard. My own cockerpoo is now 7years old. I also have a cocker spaniel who is 9 years old having just retired from agility. I thought it would be good to rescue a cockerpoo and give her a new life with a dog friendly family. I hope that I reach the criteria for rehoming a little girl.thanks

  3. Hi steve. Where about do you live? Millie is a very loving dog, she’s be spayed, micro chipped, she needs lots of exercise very demanding, she’s up to date with her vacation

  4. Hi Gilly, milly is still up for rehoming we live in South Yorkshire,which is approximately 2 hours away.if you are still interested we can answer anymore questions you may have regarding milly.we will also provide a phone number for any future contact.

  5. Hi Beverley, we are in the process of looking for a cockerpoo, is your dog still available, if so what is the up to date situation please. Do you have any photo’s of the dog. We are both retired with a cavapoo.

  6. Hello Cockapoo Lovers, My little girl is five years old, placid little creature and love to play with all the dogs on the park, very well socialised, but I feel she is lonely at home, she is quite and sleeps, We feel that she would like a little friend to come and live with her, We do not want to go down the road the road of a puppy so and old “Poo” would be lovely, if by any chance there is one out there (most unusual) please e-mail us so they can meet and play. Thank You.

  7. Hi
    Possibly looking for an older Cockerpoo (A young dog, would be good) who is in need of a new home. Must get on with cats as we have the one (And we all know who the boss will be).

  8. Hi
    Looking for a young male Cockapoo if possible for my 5 year old son & family pet. We would love to provide a forever home to a loving young dog who will be best friends to my 5 year old son.
    we dog sat for friends who had a cockapoo for a week & we all fell in love with him. Now with my 2 eldest daughters soon leaving for Uni we want company for our son but also for long walks & days out. we are keen campers so the dog would fit right in with our lifestyle.

  9. I am looking for a medium sized cockerpoo would like a golden girl ? We have always had dogs both of us have retired and could offer a lovely home for a dog lots of walks and love,we have no childern at now at home ,we have a horse who we love and is a big part of our family which a dog would be the reason i am asking to rehome one is i have rehomed two dogs before who both lived long lifes with us and always went on holiday with us as they are family,there are a lot of dogs for sale which we could have but i feel if we can give a dog who needs to be rehomed is a better thing to do.

  10. We are about to purchsse a cockapoo puppy. He is brown and 20 days old due to leave mum and of March. I can’t tell at the moment how curly he’ll be. It was last one male. People keep saying to for a female. I’m feeling confused now

  11. I am a widow and lonely I have just lost my husband in 2015 and I am lonely that’s why I would like a dog I have no money to buy one my name is caroline fanthorpe my number is 07770624297 I hope you can help me I live in Lincoln

  12. We have recently lost our 12.5 years Airedale dog after 5 happy years.
    We are looking for a cockapoo this time as we have known a few and found them delightful and lively.
    Ideally we would like a male red or chocolate aged about 5 to 7 years.
    We live near Westerham 2miles off the M25 with 15 acres of land and lots of public footpaths.

  13. Hello we are looking for a cockapoo for our family, I have an ASD son with no behaviour issues just anxiety Along with his brother and checking the rescue side before researching breeders as we believe this will help our boys and also give a lovely dog a loving home contact

  14. hello we are looking for a sister for our 6 y/o cockapoo she has become tied to my wifes leg every time my wife gets up our little cocka poo follows her we think that with a little sister or even a brother she would play more and enjoy life more ,we are both retired and live in a village .
    many thanks steve

  15. Hi we are looking for a older cockapoo who is house trained and good with children and other dogs. We lost our beloved boxer dog in march this year 2017 at a good age of 12 years old and we are now ready to give another dog a loving home. We live in the somerset area.

  16. Hi I rescued a beautiful cockerpoo from Romania 4 months ago with lots of love and patience he is turning into an incredible little dog. He is very loving and loyal still wary of men outside the house but adores my husband and 2 sons now .There are a couple of others on the site a girl and a boy worth a thought . Not suitable to a home where you will be out at work and dog left alone these dogs need extra love and affection essential to over come their horrific street life .A retired couple would be perfect ,best thing we ever done .Still a work in progress but well worth it . If you have lots of time on your hands ,lots of love to give ,and lots of patience these gorgeous rescues are worth a consideration

  17. Hi Chez, I loved your story and it has inspired me to enquire about a cocapoo from somewhere like Romania as I feel that would be a nice thing for all concerned. We are a retired couple with a 6 year old border collie bitch and we would love to have a male cockerpoo as we feel that would be the ideal to fit in with our collie. The only problem we have is that we would not be able to take a dog until mid December as we are going away and it would be unfair to take a dog into our home and then board it out, that would be too confusing for a dog. We understand stability is paramount particularly under the circumstances you described. I hope to hear from you regarding a male dog if one should come about fitting our situation.

    Kind regards


  18. Hello

    We have a beautiful loving affectionate 5 month old black Cockerpoo girl who we very reluctantly need to find a really good home for due to family illness. She is great with other dogs and adores children, We have been taking her to training classes where she does exceptionally well. We have breeders papers to say she has been cleared of everything. It is going to break my heart to find her a new home but with her being so young, if she gets the right home with lots of love I will feel so much better.

    1. Hi,
      I have a 7 month old blonde cockpoo and she is really sad when she’s left alone. We are really keen to find her a pal so she might not feel so sad! Our Teddy shows her home with us and 3 cats.
      Please contact me if your doggie is still available. I can assure you that she would be spoiled rotten and very loved with us. 🙂
      Kim and Kirsty

  19. We are a retired couple, love walking about five miles a day. We lost our dog age 16 a few months ago.He was a rescue. Our other dog age 14, also a rescue has recently died too. It is very quiet with no dog in the house. However we do now have grandchildren and one is quite chesty, hence looking for a non Ideally looking for a dog I can lift easily and take all over with us. We’d like one under two and not bothered by girl or boy.

    1. Hi

      I have a red cockapoo called Max he is 8 months old and loves life!
      He’s a very happy healthy dog and is brilliant with people and children!
      Unfortunately I’m going into hospital soon and my husband works full time so are not able to look after him 24/7

      He loves cuddles and playing!!

      Are u still looking for ur forever dog?
      If so u sound perfect for max x

      1. Hi we would be very interested in a forever home for Max we are retired but both still very active . We have had dogs and really miss a dog in the house. If we take to each other Max would have a very loving home. Please email or call me on07799200637.
        Thank you Eve Galloway

      2. Have you still got Max I am interested in having a cockapoo
        I have had two dogs in the past
        I had a golden retriever for 14 yrs and his name was Max
        I had a springer spaniel called Freeway for 14 yrs.
        I am retired and live. By the sea which is ideal for long walks.

  20. Please could you call me on 07799200637. Really interested in a young Cockerpoo we are retired but still active and would love to rehome one, We have had dogs in the past but they have passed on now . We would offer max lots of love and a good home if we take to each other. Thank you

    Eve galloway

  21. we are looking for a young cockerpoo that needs a good home – we used to have a cocker spaniel but have lost her recently and would like a new dog – we would offer lots of love -we are a family of 4 and wife is at home

  22. Hi there,
    We are looking for a young cockapoo that might need rescuing. We live in Devon and run our own business so the dog could stay with us in our office so it would not be alone. We used to own a labrador and miss the walks and socialisation of dog walking. We do have a cat though so we need a dog who is used to cats. I have asthma and a cockapoo would be ideal because of its coat. Hope you can help.

  23. Hello all,

    Looking to offer a loving active home to a female Cockperpoo. We currently have Lexie a 7 year old cocker Spaniel who we rescued from an abusive home 2 years ago – She is doing fantastic. And Louis 7 years old in February our other Joyful Cocker Spaniel. Whilst Lexie is more of a mature gentle lady, Louis still has his bouncy puppy instincts and we would love to offer him a true playmate. As a business owner I’m about to embark on a new career path in Dog and Pet care services and would love to introduce a new lady into our family and active lifestyle.

  24. Hi We lost our beloved Lily 3 months ago and our eldest has a Cockapoo,which fills us with joy every time he is around us,I’m am retired my wife works two days so we can have a full on commitment to a new dog which we would like in our life ,would prefer a young adult, We live near Kingston ,Surrey.

  25. Hi
    I’m looking for a cockapoo for my daughter and myself. Don’t mind what age we live in the country so lots of walks will be given.
    If anyone wants one rehoming please get in touch.

    1. #Freshfields Wales is looking for a good home for 4 months old cockapoo brothers ‘Sid ‘ and ‘Jack’. If you can offer a suitable home to these adorable pups please ring: 01286 479711.

      1. Hi james, Do you still have the pups, I can offer a home for one of them, Im retired so have a lot of time ,I also have a cocker spaniel who is Twelve yrs old who gets on well with any dog

      2. Hi ,Simon have just phoned the number on original post but no answer would you know if any of the 2 pups are still available thank you ,Sue

  26. Hello
    We are looking to adopt a cockatoo. We already have our adorable Dolly who is 18 moths and having recently lost our other beautiful dog, Evie, we would love to have 2 dogs again and a cockapoo is the way forward for us! I have 3 teenagers who are all really experienced with dogs.
    Many thanks

  27. I am offering a forever home to any Doodle type male dog, under 5 years old. I already have a gorgeous 2 year old cockapoo, who would love a ‘brother’. Please reply if your looking to rehome your dog to a loving, calm forever family.
    Michelle and Ziggy

  28. Good afternoon all

    My family and I have decided we are ready to open up our family again to a rescue dog. We are a family of three there is myself Gareth 33 and I have grown up with dogs most of my life my wife Susan 32 she’s been around dogs most her life as well and our daughter Chelsey she’s 13 and also been around dogs. Our last dog was a cockerspanial and a rescue who passed away last year and it was very hard for us so we decided to wait until we where all ready. We are now ready to give a loving family home to a new member and would really like to find a cockapoo we have a5 year old cat who was brought up around dogs his name is Oscar. I thank you for your time reading my post

  29. My family and I are looking to rescue a male possibly age between 1-3 cocapoo apricot colour. we are a family of four myself 43, my wife 47 and grown up son 20, Our daughter 16 we would like to offer a permanent clean and safe home,with lots of love for the dog. we have a 3 bedroom house with a good size back yard enough to offer the cockapoo dog a play area. my wife is not working she is always at home the dog won’t be left home alone. I am a previously english springer spaniel owner. I have a lot of understanding/knowledge and understanding about spaniels.I had the english springer spaniel for 8 year but she passed away. it was very hard to deal with such a I have waited for few years to come to terms to decide and rescue another dog. we thought about it and said cockapoo will be ideal not too large dogs and we don’t want coming small like a shitshu or a chihuahua so cocapoo is the way forward for us
    Many thanks
    Gibbons and family!

    I am sorry for the message have send before i have made lots of errors .I thought had to make corrections please forgive me.

  30. my husband and i are looking for another cockapoo. We now have an almost 8 yr old brown male Morgan whom we adore!! About a year ago we helped foster a dog (BISHON) for a time ’til a permanent home could be found but Morgan now is sooo lonely. We’d love (both retired and home alot) a baby cockapoo or a young one that needs a loving home forever!! Please advise.. thankyou!! MADY

  31. Is anyone out there looking for a cockapoo, my granddaughter and partner split and she had to move out she can’t have bear where she lives her x partner doesn’t really want him as he has a new partner and life now. I go down every day to take him out he’s a lovely little chum nearly 2 now he is booked in to be gastrated soon as many places prefer this he loves being out and to be honest has never had a settled environment it would be fantastic to find him a loving and committed owner

  32. Hi looking for a home for a nearly two year old cockapoo for personal reasons my granddaughter has to rehome him he is a lovely little chum absolutely loves being outside on his walks his life so far has been unsettled as both my granddaughter and her then partner work full time so hes been shipped out to anyone that had spare time to have him he really does need someone with love time and commitment as he doesn’t like to be on his own for too long we live in the Midlands

  33. Hi Edna, could I have a few more details about the dog please? How big is he? Does he get on with other dogs…..I have a very friendly, loving male cockapoo, who is 3yrs old. I am home all day, so he would have a lovely, stable home life. I am in the midlands too. Look forward to hearing from you x

  34. Hi Michelle. He is apricot medium size he has gone to be castrated this morning so my granddaughter just wants to get him 100% fit and then start the search for a new home but like i was saying he hasn’t had a steady home life or a solid routine due to them working full time and he had been spending a lot of time with young teenagers who play rough and rag him up which has led to him starting to get a bit nasty so with him being in mature adult company only and getting castrated hopefully we can get him back to what he was …….sounds awful I dont mean he’s up for ripping peoples arm off hes a beautiful little dog and he would make a lovely pet but I will keep intouch and let you know what is happening that is if you want me to. Kind regards Edna x

  35. Hi Edna,
    In case you’re still looking for a forever home for your granddaughter’s cockapoo, we’re a couple in southern England hoping to adopt one. It would be wonderful if you could keep us updated. Our email is amyforshaw51[at]gmail[dot]com (I’ve replaced the punctuation to avoid spammers).
    Thanks so much x

  36. We are is looking into buying a cockerpoo and for our first option we would like to rehome one that needs a new loving family so please contact us if you need a new family for your dog

  37. My grand daughter who is 8 and an only child is looking for a cockapoo, so I am looking to rescue one aged between 12 weeks – 3 years preferably apricot coloured but would consider other colours. My daughter would like to offer a permanent clean and safe home, with lots of love for the dog.

    They have a 3 bedroom house with a good size garden to offer the cockapoo dog a play area. My daughter and husband both work from home so the dog won’t be left home alone. I am a previously a retriever owner of 2 brothers so we are all used to dogs. One of my other daughters has a cockapoo which my grand daughter has seen a lot and played with until Covid 19 so my grand daughter has a lot of understanding about cockapoo’s.

    My grand -daughter is an animal lover but my daughter has resisted having a dog until she felt her daughter was ready and understanding of the care a dog needs. she has thought about it and said a cockapoo will be ideal not too large so a cockapoo is the way forward for them.

    As the Nanna l offered to do the enquiries for the dog as my daughter is busy home schooling at present , but once we have found the right dog she and my grand daughter will take it from there, My daughter and grand daughter will give a dog a good loving home.

    so any help Simon would be greatly appreciated

    Many thanks
    Trevethick and family!

  38. hi recently my 17.5 yr old Fluffy passed away. what a great, loving affectionate, my little shadow dog she was. i am looking to rescue and or adopt another cockapoo since I had Fluffy and when i was younger Zully another cockapoo for 22 yrs.
    any help to replace the void i feel would be appreciated.

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