Cockapoo Training:Puppy To Adult

Cockapoo Training: Puppy To Adult

A well trained dog is a joy to live with. You don’t have to worry when someone visits or if there are children around. You can just relax and enjoy your time together. That’s why Cockapoo training is so important.

Cockapoo Training
Every puppy deserved to be trained

Your Cockapoo will be excited about almost any outing you can imagine. So having a well trained Cockapoo will allow him all the freedom he craves. You can take him everywhere with you, to visit friends, to the park, to the pub even to work, because you know he will be well behaved.

It’s not just about freedom though- it’s also about safety. You owe it to your dog to keep him safe, well behaved and appropriate in what he does. And also to ensure anyone that comes into contact with your Cockapoo is safe from being jumped on.

Learn How Your Cockapoo Learns

When you bring a new dog into your home, particularly a puppy, nearly all his activities will be controlled. Most people get into trouble with their puppy because they give them way too much freedom. Mayhem ensues and the ‘fun puppy’ experience soon turns sour.

That’s why it’s important to establish an early bond with your dog during training. As the Cockapoo training programme develops over weeks and months your Cockapoo will gain your trust and you can entrust him with more and more freedom.

The Cockapoo is the perfect example of a dog that has become skilled at learning from, and anticipating, human behaviour. The Poodle is known to be one of the cleverest dogs on the planet. Also the toy and miniature Cockapoo varieties have been bred as companion dogs. So you have a dog that wants to learn and wants to please- the job is half done!

A Cockapoo Training Programme

As well as learning from his owner what is and isn’t acceptable, your Cockapoo is also interacting and learning from the world around him. This is sometimes referred to by dog trainers as ‘accidental learning’.

Dogs do what works for them. If they are rewarded by doing something they will do it again.

training a cockapoo
Start training your Cockapoo from Day one

If your Cockapoo has a bad experience from doing something he will quickly learn to stop doing that thing.

If he doesn’t get anything beneficial or bad from doing something he will gradually lose interest and stop.

With that in mind, canine psychology can be summed up in three ways:

  1. Experience something good = will do more of
  2. Experience something bad = will stop doing it
  3. Experience something neither good nor bad = gradually stop

Once you have learned that dogs will do repeatedly whatever they experience is good for them, you can use that to great advantage with your training programme.

A well trained Cockapoo is a happy Cockapoo and having him well trained will make you a happy and proud owner.

Other Important Cockapoo Training Tips

Cockapoo Rage Syndrome is something Cockapoo owners are keen to avoid. Training and exercise are key to not seeing that side of your Cockapoo manifest.

When you do embark or a Puppy Training Programme, remember to build up his exercise slowly.

It’s also important tosocialise puppies to people to make them a pleasure for any person to meet.

For your own sanity, Toilet or house training is one of the first things you’re going to teach your Cockapoo do as well as teaching him not to bite. And most dog owners believe crating is a indispensable training aid and necessary for you and your poo.

Before you start on any of those topics you might want to learn how to handle a puppy for the first time. Or if you have any particular training issues or questions, just drop a comment below.

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  1. How do I stop my 13 month old cockapoo barking ,running back and forth and lunging at the doors or baby gate whenever anyone goes to leave. Sometimes if there’s only one person in the house and leaving she might lie on the floorandnotdoanything. But it’s always whenever there’s a few in the house , she will also do circles and watches our every move before hand.

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