White Cockapoos Have An Enduring Appeal

Are White Cockapoos easy to find?

Whether its a cocker style wavy coat you think is adorable or the tight curls inherited from the poodle parent, the white Cockapoo has endured as one the most popular Cockapoo colours.

In short the answer to the question is yes, quite easy. Black and white are two of the main colours Cockapoo breeders want to produce. This is no doubt driven by demand from prospective Cockapoo owners.

white cockapoo

Can A breeder determine the Colour before mating?

Dog breeding has always been a process of refinement to produce the desired results. A breeder will choose a female bitch with the requisite colour (assuming the dog has passed all the necessary breeding requirements and health checks) and then source a stud dog to compliment the female.

A F1 white coated female breed with a F1 white coated stud dog is only going to produce one colour. Once a F2 puppy is produced (a second generation dog breed back to the parent dog) the breeder can attempt to ‘breed in’ desirable colour traits.

However, fans of the Cockapoo breed enjoy the many variations in coat colours. I always find it a fun part of Cockapoo meet ups. Meeting and greeting all the dogs and owners that have such individual colours, markings and features.

Many people however simply prefer an all black or all white coat.

take a peek


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Black and White Cockapoos

As you can see below its irresistible to breed a black and white male and female. The results are equally adorable and produce some very special unique patterns within the coat! The black eye patch is one of my favourites.


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