Golden Cockapoo: 5 Reasons They Are So Popular

Is The Golden Cockapoo The Most Popular Colour?

While the Cockapoo isn’t recognised as a pedigree dog breed with the Kennel Club, the Golden Cockapoo is recognised as one of the most popular Cockapoo Colours.

A Golden Cockapoo is a cross between a English Cocker Spaniel and a Standard, Miniature or Toy Poodle dog. The variety of size and colours comes from the breeder selecting from the parent breed the best specimen of each available parent as a stud dog and mother (or dam).

The Golden Cockapoo is generally classed as medium in size which lends itself to being suitable to most average family homes. In terms of care, again there is medium requirements for grooming. With both of these factors considered you can expect reasonable ownership costs, and only one main exercise hour a day needed. For most households this amount of time devoted a dog’s exercise is practical.

The one caveat is if the parent Cocker Spaniel is from ‘working’ stock. Cockers are from two hereditary lines, ‘working’ or ‘show’ dogs. Make sure you know as working dogs have a tonne of energy and need a lot more out door exercise to keep them happy. Generally speaking, a well exercised dog is a well behaved dog.

Golden cockapoo

#1 Golden Cockapoo Temperament

Another major factor in the popularity stakes is the friendly inquisitive nature, always cheerful and outgoing and famously loyal to his owner. The Miniature and Toy Golden Cockapoo’s are more suitable for elderly people are apartment style living for people interested in more of a lap dog. But even the Miniature Cockapoo is a robust little chap that enjoys good and vigorous play times in the park.

Cockapoo’s can get bored because of their intelligence, so be prepared to engage in games in and outside the house. Training from day one will quickly yield results and create a loving bond between you.

Golden Cockapoo Temperament

#2 The Golden Cockapoo Coat

The coat of the Cockapoo is one of it’s most admired characteristics. Sometimes a First Cross (F1) Cockapoo inherits the Parent Poodle coat which grows into a curled or wavy coat that doesn’t shed heavily. Sometimes the Cocker Spaniel can be the dominant inheritance and produce a Cocker-style flat coat. Some breeders will breed the puppies back to a Poodle parent (F2) in order to create the famous Cockapoo curly look.

The colour combinations are really spectacular and add to the popularity of the breed.

golden cockapoo puppy coat

#3 Are Golden Cockapoo’s Hypoallergenic?

Since their inception in the 1950’s Australian guide-dog breeding program, the intentional selection of the low shedding Poodle has had benefits for allergy sufferers. It’s not a complete answer for dog lovers with allergies but significantly reduces the likelihood of problems. The rationale is less hair and dander shed around the home equals a reduced chance of an allergenic reaction for the owner.

Spend some time with a Cockapoo with the coat-style you are thinking about getting before deciding to buy one. No dog wants to be unwanted because it turns out their owner is allergic to them. And you won’t really know until the adult coat has grown in which starts to occur approximately after nine months of age.

#4 Golden Cockapoo Grooming Requirements

Grooming varies on Coat Style. I mentioned above the Poodle Style Coat and the Cocker style flat coat. Neither are particularly onerous but the Poodle style coat will require you to invest in some clippers and a detangler.

Puppies just need a soft comb through every week. And a bath every two weeks to a month depending how soiled they get from out door play.

Clipping isn’t easy for a novice so I recommend going to a professional first to show you how it’s done. A short clip is great for the summer and makes life easier for you and your Cockapoo!

golden cockapoo puppies for sale

#5 How big will a Golden Cockapoo grow

If you bred a Standard Cockapoo with a suitable matching size Cocker-Spaniel, the off-spring will grow to approx 15 Inches when measured to the shoulder. A healthy weight will be around 19 lbs. This is the Maxi size, but remember the Miniature, Toy and Teacup sizes are smaller decreasing in 3-4 inches in height per size.

There’s no exact size, but as I said above a standard size Golden Cockapoo is a medium size dog.

Golden Cockapoo Puppies new born
golden puppies cockapoo 2 weeks old

How much does a Golden Cockapoo Puppy Cost?

Before you start searching for ‘Golden cockapoo puppy for sale’ you need to understand the types pf breeders there are and the problems that can occur for a puppy that has not been breed responsibly by a breeder wh has ckare and concern for the welfare of the mother and puppies at the outset of breeding process.

While researching this article I saw puppies advertised from £450-£1,250. That’s a large variance. The worst case scenario is you end with a puppy that has been bred from parents that have not been screened for common health and genetic problems that are hereditary. If profit is the sole motivation for breeding and selling puppies the chances of this happening are increased because genetic screening and health checks and a sanitary environment that lends itself to a good early socialisation experience for the puppies costs the breeder.

For more information on this pleaseread this article.

And to learn about day to day living costs please do consider the implications.

Finding a Breeder

A good place start is by looking at the CCGB registered breeders pages. Most people will invariable also search popular web classifieds like, gumtree and pets4home. That can work out okay but remember to be fully prepared and have studied the Getting a puppy leaflet. If you do your homework first and ask the right questions amateur breeders can be just as good as a CCGB approved breeder.

Wrapping it up

If you want to see other coloured Cockapoo’s have a look here.

The Golden Cockapoo is just about the most consistently popular among the top six colours with the chocolate Cockapoo surging in popularity right now.

Here’s the proof

I’m personally attracted to golden coloured dogs of all breeds as well as the Golden Cockapoo. Closely followed by red and chocolate.

What’s your favourite colour?