Who Wouldn’t Love A Apricot Cockapoo

What is a Apricot Cockapoo?

Apricot Cockapoos produce stunning colour combinations and subtle variations on the primary apricot colour.

The blend of colour tones capture the features and characteristics of a cockapoo quite wonderfully.

The Apricot colour range is varied across a spectrum from a lively russet red to a much paler cream.

Secondary colours often produce a dash of white on the muzzle and chest.

apricot auburn cockapoo
Brown Auburn

apricot cockapoo f1b miniture

apricot cockapoo
Light Apricot with White

Do Apricot Cockapoos Coat’s fade

As your Cockapoo gets older, it’s usual for a dark apricot coat to gently fade to a lighter apricot colour.

Why is this?

Hair is coloured by pigment. It takes your dog’s energy to maintain the strength of pigment. Quite a bit actually.

As a your Cockapoo ages, energy is diverted to other vital biological functions to keep your Cockapoo healthy.

For a more in depth explanation check here.

do apricot cockapoos fade
An older Cockapoo with faded coat

Apricot Cockapoo Puppies

apricot cockapoo
Hazel with White Muzzle
apricot cockapoo
Shades of apricot from blond to brown and black

Apricot Cockapoo For Sale

If you’re searching for a Apricot Cockapoo check out our registered breeders page.

Whatever you do insist on seeing the puppy with its mother before making a decision.

And Don’t fall for a puppy scam.

Apricot Cockapoo


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