What Is A Cockador?

Introducing The Cockador

A friend of mine recently bought a Cockador puppy and I was so impressed with how adorable it is I had to update my Cockapoo friends.

There is not much information about the origins of the Cockador. What I can determine by looking at Google search statistics is the term ‘Cockador’ first began to be searched on in 2005.

A Cockador is a hybrid dog similar to the Cockapoo. You may have made an educated guess that if a Cocker Spaniel is bred with a Labrador Cockador puppy is produced.

Retrievers and Labradors are known to be the most over-bred dogs, so instilling some hybrid vigor, by bringing in another blood line and strengthening the genetics with a Cocker parent is a good idea.

Cockador Temperament

You need to mindful that Labradors are gun dogs. This means they are going to have a strong retrieving instincts. Their friendly temperament has led The Labrador to be a popular choice as a disability assistance dog. We can deduce from this the Cockador will have the same friendly and trainable temperament that the Labrador is famous for.

Cocker Spaniels were also bred as hunting dogs so this retrieving characteristic is going to be enhanced further. You may want to check if the parents come from ‘Working’ or ‘Show’ stock as working dogs have a lot of energy and need a lot of exercise (think two-three outings a day).

Sizes and Colours

Cockadors will be smaller than the average Labrador which may be desirable for many people.

Brown, chocolate, blond and black are the most usual colours but again the Cocker influence will mean other colours will emerge such as bridle, roan and red tones. Depending on which parent they take after they will have a short lab coat or perhaps a slightly longer wavy coat.


Since Cockadors are in their infancy as a breed, a first cross (F1) puppy will be most common. This means that both parent dogs would be registered with the Kennel Clubso do check the available records to ensure both parents are healthy.

Follow all the normal advice when choosing a puppy. If you need to read up try both of these guides.

RSPCA Advice

The Dogs Trust

Thank you to Rebecca Wright for the photos!

36 Replies to “What Is A Cockador?”

  1. Love the fact this new cross breed is starting to get recognition! I have a 2 year old black Cockador and she is the BEST decision I ever made! She is often mistaken for a labrador puppy, she is playful, obedient and has the loveliest nature! I highly recommend this cross – she is absolutely ball obsessed and easily to exercise. Obviously you can’t guarentee how a dog will turn out but she is from working parents which I think contributes to her nature ?

    1. Hi Jenny – Thanks for this. My friends have one which where the pictures came from. I love their size and perfect temperament.

  2. hi i have a 6 month old black cockador and shes amazing i got to say shes been hard work but shes the most loving energetic pup ever ,,shes very clever and id love another one but dont think hubby would lol

    1. there a lovely hybrid dog, quite different in looks from the cockapoo- i always enjoy one dog at a time 😉

  3. Hi, I have a 1 year old fox red cockador and she’s perfect. I wanted a dog for agility and she has been the best, always so focused. But I’m sure that’s because both her parents are from working stock!

  4. i have a 10 month old cockador,called holly,, and shes the most loveist playfull well behaved dog ive ever had ,she loves everyone ,shes done some naughty things but thats being a puppy ,id love another one so if anyone knows of someone selling one id love a chocolate girl

  5. I have a 7 month old blond and White Cockador puppy. I knew little about this breed so I wanted to add to the chat to give other possible future owners more ideas. She looks like a mini lab and behaves exactly like a spaniel. She is from working parents but is a family pet. She is very bouncy, enthusiastic, clever, and sweet natured. But can be a handful when she sees other people or dogs as she is so excited that she jumps around on 2 legs. She adores running very fast in the fields, easy to exercise, but she will chill out at home and is happy being left alone. Not afraid of anything. She needs mental stimulation as well as some (not loads) of exercise. Not the calmest puppy but very sweet, a huge character and I think she will be perfect at 3!

    1. Hi Tooey. We have a litter of cockador puppies born 27th Dec. We are a KC registered breeder who breed occasionally and keep our dogs for working and are part of the family. We own both the cocker bitch who is golden and excellent working pedigree and our black Labrador who has an outstanding working pedigree and are KC reg.
      We also have grand mother and auntie at home. We have one cream and one pale yellow bitch. Also 2 black dogs and 1 black bitch. Parents have friendly kind temperaments and very easy to train. Pups will be microchipped injected wormed and vet checked. £400 dogs £ 450 girls. Our dogs are equally happy vegging with us or out working all day and love the car!

      1. Hi Rosalind, I am very interested in reading about your Cockador puppies. I see that your puppies are from working parents – would they be suitable for an active retired 68-year old couple who live in a town but walk every day and spend the summer in France? We have always been dog owners and our Boxer sadly died two years ago and we can only just face looking for another dog. We are looking for a sweet tempered pretty bitch and would love to meet yours if at all possible. Perhaps you would be kind enough to let me know where you live and if it would be possible to meet you and your pups.
        Thanks so much, Louise

        1. Hi Louise,
          so sorry only just seen this-it’s a good job you found us! See you soon to pick up Tuppence. I’ve now registered for email prompts.

          1. Hi Rosalind. We are interested in getting a cockador. Not sure if you have any more puppies available? We are on Surrey area. Maybe you are close? Finding it difficult to find a breeder in the area. Would appreciate an email if you are able to help in any way. Thanks, Paul.

          2. Hi Rosalind,

            We would also be very interested to know if you are breeding more Cockadors, apologies if you are inundated with queries.

            We look forward to hearing from you.


      2. Will you be breeding again. We are considering getting a cockadore but they seem to be hard to find. Also I would love to see some photos of them as a puppy and an older dog if anyone has them.

      3. Hi Rosalind. We are really keen to get a Cockador and breeders seem very rare. Is there any chance that you are planning a litter soon? We were hoping to get a puppy around August. Many thanks Andrew

      4. Hi there I have seen your ad on this forum we are looking for a cockador puppy we have very recently lost our much loved cocker spaniel – a friends parents has a cockador and we have fallen in love with the breed. We are in London with a holiday home in the Isle of Wight and a great lifestyle to offer a dog!

  6. Hi I am late to the discussion but I agree with all that has been said before. I have a 16 month old cockador and his is wonderful. He gets bored easily so needs a lot of stimulation but both of his parents were working types so it’s not surprising. He is fun, loving, my best friend. I didn’t set out to get a cockador and I know many people dislike the rise in cross breeds but if my Buddy is anything to go by, this is a fantastic cross.

  7. I really like the look and what I have read about this breed, but I cannot find any breeders in Canada, where do you get them?

  8. Hello I am looking to get a cockador puppy later in the year, but I am struggling to find a breeder, I feel suspicious of adverts on sale websites, can anyone help. Assuming this is a uk site.
    Thank you x

  9. I have two cockadors sheldon 2.5 years lab Mum cocker dad looks like a chocolate lab and Amy 1.5 cocker Mum lab dad looks like a black lab with a cocker build best dogs in the world amazing friendly nature just want to play ball or with other dogs love to swim and love cuddles with us everyone we know love them and I wouldn’t be without them.

  10. Hi
    I have a three year old Cockador. When we bought him i knew nobody else who had even heard of them.
    People were saying are you sure? You have no idea what he will be like.
    I grew up with a Lab but we wanted a smaller Dog that my children could handle.
    Alfie is the most loving dog ive met. He has the chilled nature of a lab indoors and very easy to train.(labrador appetite) hes playful and like previous post is obsessed by a Tennis ball. I often get asked if hes a puppy as he looks like a lab with short legs.
    He is also an unusual fox red colour with a white mark on his head and white tip of tail.
    Its great that this post is available for someone considering a cockodor. I certainly wasnt disappointed.

  11. I have a 5 month puppy who is a cockadore…….mum was a black lab and dad a red and white working cocker….she came from a litter of 8 all different colours…Tess is a golden colour with white chest and socks….she has the most beautiful nature..loves and greets everyone she meets….she looks more like a small lab but with the shorter working spaniel ears. She adores water and does a joyful dance before bounding in!….prefers a stick to a ball.
    We crated her from the word go…..she never has soiled it……she loves to be with us and on walks is always off the lead never venturing far…her recall is excellent.
    She was the best decision we made….her temperament is so lovely!

  12. i have a 4 year old chocolate cockaor, who is amazing. So obedient, easy to train, loveable, friendly and affectionate. The perfect doggy friend. Cannot fault this breed, and would hesitate to go for a different breed in the future, as she is such a pleasure to have around.

    1. Hi Jo
      Having done months of research I’ve decided a Cockerdor fits our requirements. Are you happy to recommend the name if your breeder. We are looking to have a pup from early Feb2018. As we have no further holidays planned beyond this.
      Many thanks

  13. We bought a cockador pup last week he is so playful and lovable he is into everything at the moment so active and alert ha ha a bit of a handful just like a baby only 9 weeks old can’t wait for him to grow up

  14. I am looking for a well bred cockerdor to be a friend to my gorgeous 2 year old Vizsla . If anyone knows any good quality pups in the UK , would love to hear from you

  15. Hi if anyone has cockador breeder details anywhere in the uk we are looking hard for a pup!

    Many thanks – so hard to find one!

  16. Hi, we’re a family of 4 looking for a genuine cockador that’s been bread from 2 healthy parents. Any breeders out there due a litter?

  17. Hi, we too are a family of four from Cheshire looking for a Cockador puppy from March/ April bred from 2 healthy KC registered parents. Anybody know of any breeders who are expecting a litter?

  18. We are looking for a Cockerdoor puppy to take ownership from May 2017 would love to hear from any potential breeders with puppies available around this time.

  19. I’ve also got a lovely 7 month honey coloured bitch. She is just adorable, she has the spaniel flushing out traits and the labrador nature. I also have a miniature honey coloured labradoodle who is 2 1/4 and they just adore one another.

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