Chocolate Cockapoo

Chocolate Cockapoos are one of the most popular colours

chocolate cockapoo

The cheeky grin. The Wagging tail!

We all know Chocolate Cockapoos are so popular and so wonderfully adorable and hansom. But have they always been one of the most sought after colours and why are there so many?

The popularity of the chocolate Cockapoo coat colour is primarily because this is a common primary colour for first cross (F1) breeding. Colours are inherited from the Poodle parent and the Cocker parent and the popular colours from the parent genes are mixed and bred down through genetic lines to the puppies.

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I think they are a lovely colour and they come with different markings such as patches and ticking. You will see many distinct shades of Chocolate with a Poodle style close knit curl or longer wavy Cocker style coat. Owners are very proud to show off their chocolate Cockapoos…

Chocolate Cockapoo Puppies are very sought after


Chocolate Cockapoo Puppy For Sale

NOt that I would recommend youtube as the place to begin your search for a chocolate Cockapoo puppy. However, videos can sometime be better than pictures as you can see the dog in a realistic setting.


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