Cockapoo Breeders Guide

A Guide To Breeding Your Cockapoo

cockapoo breeders: cockapoo puppies
black and golden cockapoos from the same litter

If you are seriously considering responsibly breeding your dog or “bitch” you are about to embark on an amazing journey that is certainly challenging in many ways but will bring a lot of wonderful experiences—hopefully most of them happy.

Breeding a dog is not to be taken lightly but if it is done without due care or, understanding all possible outcomes, it can lead to heart break and dogs suffering. That is why the breeding process should be done in a considerate and informed way that will give the best chance of the owner ending up with healthy and happy puppies that in turn, end up in loving homes.

If you are breeding a pure breed Cocker Spaniel or Poodle to produce a F1 first cross Cockapoo you should be familiar with the Kennel Club (KC) registered breeders scheme. If you are breeding a second generation Cockapoo (F2) you should still know Kennel Club best practice guidelines or the Cockapoo Club of GB (CCGB) bred club guidelines.There are also breeding coursesdog breeding courses you can study.

The secret to successful breeding

The secret to successful breeding is having a depth of knowledge of the Cockapoo breed and swatting up on as much information as possible to prepare for any outcome. A good relationship with a licensed veterinary practice is essential as complications can arise quickly and need an expert to intervention.

The breeding process is expensive, time consuming and sometimes heartbreaking so you should be motivated by the right reasons. You should want to improve the breed; you should not be motivated by money. Cutting corners on diet, environment and health screening are all hallmarks of an irresponsible breeder.

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How do you become an expert?

As well getting involved with the KC and CCGB it’s a good idea to ask registered breeders for advice. Some will have time for you others won’t but find one that will so you can learn from their wealth of experience. People that make good hobby breeders are often people that love their own dog, invest time in attending breed get-togethers, dog shows and generally have a fascination with the Cockapoo that leads them to make the right responsible decisions about breeding.

There are some forums: i love my cockapoo; cockapoo club chat to ask questions if you are not immersed in Cockapoo life.

Here is your 17 point breeding plan

#1 Breed to improve

#2 Understand The Commitment

#3 Cockapoo Breeders Checklist

#4Choosing A suitable Mate

#5 Understand genetics

#6 Stud Contract

#7 Pre-Breeding Health Checks

#8 Mating

#9 Introduce Your Dam To A Whelping Box

#10 Puppies Are Born

#11If Complications Arise Consult Your Veterinarian

#12 Caring For New Born Cockapoo Puppies

#13 Care Plan For The Female After Whelping

#14 Register Your Litter

#15 Weaning Puppies From Their Mother

#16 Homing Your Cockapoo Puppies

#17Commit Yourself To The Puppies For Life

The list of registered Cockapoo Breeders in the UK can be found here > Cockapoo Breeders UK

Good luck!

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