Rearing Cockapoo Puppies: Understand The Commitment

Rearing Cockapoo puppies is a full-on, full-time job. In the early stages the female will usually take care of the puppies needs, but if things don’t go to plan you will have to step in.

The dam’s (bitch) milk could dry up, or worse case scenario the dam might not survive after producing the litter. As the breeder you must ensure a good, hygienic, safe environment for the litter and be attentive to the dams need for nutrition rich food and fresh water.

Once the puppies are weaned from the dam the fun (work) really starts! Be prepared for a frenzy of activity as you cleanup, groom, and over-see as many as possibly 12-14 puppies. This period, while very fun and cute, gobbles up your time and energy.

But it’s not just your time that’s expended, it’s also your finances. If making money was one of the reasons that appealed to you did you consider food costs, heat lamp, vaccinations, emergency veterinary care if required? Raising a litter of puppies can run into serious money particularly if there are complications during whelping.

Time should also be spent ensuring each puppy goes to a good owner. This means you should have an assessment process to make sure the new owner is going to provide a responsible, loving home.

A responsible Cockapoo breeder will know all the characteristics of the breed and be able to supply written information about the needs of the dog (including the challenges) to prepare the new owner for what is to come.

Your written instructions should include what lifestyle the dog prefers, since Cockapoos are bred as companion dogs you need to re-enforce that exercise is needed), grooming needs, feeding and nutrition, health care, pet insurance and

basic training advice). Either way, you should be instilling an ethos in your interactions with new owners of the required standards required to provide a good home.

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