Is Sleeping With Your Cockapoo Bad For Your Health?

Do you sleep with your cockapoo?

sleeping with your cockapoo

The subject of how many people sleep with their dogs was discussed at last year’s annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies. A survey they had commissioned reported half of patients who had sought help with their tiredness slept with their pets.

Cockapoos in particular are a breed that lends itself to being a popular nocturnal partner.

Why Is this the case?

1. As a companion dog a large proportion of cockapoo owners are single. With no partner to share a bed it’s easy for a dog to take the place of another warm body. At bed time it’s understandable that people want a bit of animal comfort and your adorable cockapoo is eager to oblige.

Dogs are looking for humans to re-create the warmth and security of the litter where they learned to be happy co-sleepers who want to snuggle up. Psychologist Stanley Coren refers tospeculation among anthropologists that human-canine co-sleeping may even be encoded in our respective DNA.

2. Cockapoos are compact. It’s not like you’re making room for Saint Bernard. The largest cockapoo would be a Standard or Maxi weighing no more than 19 lbs. / 8.61 kg. The UK standard is slightly bigger than the American version of 15 inches with the longest being 24 inches long. So no need to go and buy a bigger bed.

3. They are very cuddly. Cockapoo owners would agree these are the cutest dogs on the planet. Their looks have propelled them to being one of the most popular dog breeds. On a cold night what could be more irresistible than hugging something this cute. Also a dog’s body temperature is approximately three to six degrees warmer than our own.

4. They won’t leave too much fur behind. Cockapoos are often referred to as non-shedding. This isn’t quite true. But they are minimal shedders so you won’t have to be shaking out the duvet in the morning.

Here are some tips for a better nights sleep with your cockapoo:

  • Brush his teeth regularly. Bad breath is never welcome so make sure you brush regularly with a branded doggy toothpaste.
  • Avoid dog food that makes him flatulent. Experiment with giving your cockapoo the right blend of kibble and wet food. Too much canned wet food will often cause flatulency in a dog.
  • Don’t take him under the covers. Dogs don’t get a solid eight hours like humans. They mostly doze and like to move around a lot. Keeping them under the duvet will constrict their nocturnal movements causing them to wake you up.
  • Make sure your cockapoo is not over weight. As well as being a precursor to many health issues, an overweight dog is likely to snore.

In Summary

The Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School reported that “chronic sleep deprivation may lead to a host of health problems including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even early mortality.”

Remember sleep deprivation is a torture technique so if your cockapoo doesn’t make a good bed fellow for whatever reason, be firm and deny him your bed.

However, if you follow the guidance above, sleeping with your cockapoo can be a great comfort for dog and owner.


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