Introduce Your Dam To A Whelping Box

Introduce Your Dam To A Whelping Box

Cockapoos are perfect for whelping boxes because of their size and you will want to introduce it to her at least a month before the due date so she can become accustomed to her new environment. Some pregnant females will start to seek out a safe, warm, quiet place in advanced stages of pregnancy so, if you see these signs, prepare an area or box for her to start getting comfortable. You want to make her as anxiety free as possible.

Although the whelping box should be a cozy environment bare in mind it also needs to be roomy for the litter and for you to reach in an out when the puppies when born. Be aware the pups will need something to crawl under to stop them be squashed by the bitch so inserting a shelve along one side is a good idea.

Line the box with newspaper so it can be easily removed when soiled and replaced with fresh paper. After whelping put some carpet down or bath mats to help the puppies gain traction under their slippery paws and learn to stand.


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