F1 Cockapoo: Understand Breeding Generations

F1 Cockapoo – What does it stand for?

F1 Cockapoo (F denotes the word Filial) this is the term used for the first crossing of a Standard Poodle with a Cocker Spaniel.

F1 Cockapoo
F1 Cockapoo at 13 weeks

The generations are worked out by always adding one number up from the lowest number parent.
The second generation (F2), is the offspring of two F1 parents.

The third & fourth generation (F3) & (F4) are the offspring in succeeding descendants of continued inbreeding of the original F1 parent dogs.

What is a F1b Cockapoo?

F1B, F2B, etc…

This denotes when a litter has been backcrossed to one of the parent breeds. Backcrossing to the Poodle is done to improve aspects of the First Cross breed. Usually to change the curl of the coat type. It is unusual therefore, for breeders to backcross to the Cocker Spaniel parent.

It’s worthwhile discussing what class of cross breed you would like to get with a breeder. If they are a responsible breeder they should be knowledgeable and keep written records of the pedigree of the sire (male) and dam (female).

F1B Cockapoo
F1B Cockapoo puppy at 15 weeks

Do F1 Cockapoos’ Cost More Money?

They shouldn’t cost any more money. Raffles Cockapoo has a price list which is typical of a reputable breeder.

There may be higher stud fees for a KC registered Cocker Spaniel but stud fees are often variable depending on how far the mum and dad live from each other, considering fuel costs.

F2 Cockapoo
F1 Cockapoo at 15 weeks

Cockapoo F1 Puppies for sale

Beware of prices that are too low like £500. This can be enticing but think about what corners were cut in the breeding practice and how you might up with a genetically sick dog. I wrote a in-depth article about this to help people avoid puppy scams.

F1 Cockapoo available
Puppies need to sleep a lot

F1 Cockapoo vs F2 Cockapoo

F1 are 1/2 and 1/2 mix of the respective pure breed parents. They take on specific traits in terms of coat and colour, but you will have a Cockapoo with roughly 50% Poodle and Cocker Spaniel characteristics.

F2 is a mix of either:

  1. F1 + F1
  2. F1 + F1b
  3. F1b x F1b

This means the possibilities of different characteristics multiply so the puppy will have a mix of traits. As mentioned above.

F1 Cockapoo at 2 weeks
F1 Cockapoo at 2 weeks

F1b parentage will tip the breed one way or the other and as I said, is used to hone a particular quality that the breeder desires.


In terms of temperament, health and making a great family pet, F1 vs F2 doesn’t matter. A well bred puppy is the critical factor purchased from a reputable breeder that loves dogs more than profit.

My first Cockapoo will walk you through that process.

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  1. I have a blue merl f1b miniture cockapoo pup .(Rescued) please could you clarify for me exactly what f1b is,im finding this very complicating. And do you have any idea what height this puppy should grow to,please.

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