Can my Cockapoo be a therapy dog?

Share your Cockapoo to benefit others

A therapy dog is a dog that is used to benefit a person in a therapeutic way. Obviously some breeds lend themselves to this more than others.

Cockapoos provide much happiness to their owners sometimes people want to share their love and good nature with others. You may have heard of the pat and stroke schemes.

Essentially though many dog breeds that have a suitable disposition can be a therapy dog. The deciding factor is whether they are suitable for the purpose that is required. Factors to consider are your Cockapoo’s age, temperament, health, and level of basic obedience training.

Benefits of a Therapy dog

  • Physical –occupational therapists sometimes include a dog in a patient’s treatment plan. A common exercise might be bending down, holding a brush and brushing the dog’s coat– a simple but enjoyable exercise.
  • Psychological – lap dogs can: increase self-esteem; ease stress after trauma and help with self-confidence and provide much needed companionship after a bereavement. Dogs are also sometimes used to improve the mood of children in paediatric hospitals.
  • Social – animals can act as a social enhancer and help people adjust to a new environments and make meeting new people less daunting. The SCAS conducts research into these benefits.

Can my Cockapoo become a therapy dog?

Cockapoo therapy dogs for good health

It really depends on what you want him to do. In the UK there are two main organisations that manage visiting programmes along with some other therapeutic activities. The charity Pets as therapy will do an assessment with your Cockapoo to determine his suitability to take part in any specific activity. I recommend contacting them if you would like to explore this further.

Is a therapy dog an assistance dog?

No. Therapy dogs are not classified as assistance dogs. This is because an assistance dog is trained to carry out special tasks to aid a disabled person. They’re generally qualified by organisations registered as members of Assistance Dogs UK.

Where can I get my Cockapoo trained as a therapy dog?

The SCAS runs fun interactive courses. You can register you interest here.


Getting your Cockapoo trained as a therapy dog is lovely thing to do for those in need and also helps spread the knowledge about the benefits of our wonderful Cockapoo breed. It may be worth a try!

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