Cockapoo Puppies Are Born

Cockapoo Puppies Are Born

After going into labor, most bitches give birth without complications and without human intervention. A puppy will appear in its own sac (or placental membrane) which needs to be removed in order for the newborn pup to breathe. The mother will sometimes eat the membrane, this is perfectly natural. The maternal instincts of the female allows her to instinctively tear off the membrane and then severe the umbilical cord with her teeth. She will then lick the newborn Cockapoo puppies all over to stimulating breathing.

It is important you keep track of how many placentas are delivered. As with human placentas, if the placenta is not delivered it will cause complications and put the female at risk of surviving labor.

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What the breeder must do if the mother does not remove the puppy from the placental membrane or sever umbilical cord?

  1. The membrane should be torn open by the puppy’s head and peeled downward until the puppy can be carefully removed.
  2. Remove any mucus or fluids from the puppy’s mouth and nose and gently rub the puppy with a towel to stimulate circulation.
  3. The umbilical cord should be tied with unwaxed dental floss and cut approx two inches from the abdomen. The cut end should be covered with iodine to prevent infection.

You must act fast—a puppy can only stay inside the sac for a few minutes before the oxygen supply is depleted.

It is very important for the puppies to suckle soon after emerging from the womb. Immediately after labor, the bitch will begin cleaning her puppies, keeping them warm, and allowing them to suckle. Suckling allows the puppies to ingest colostrum (a milky substance containing maternal antibodies which is produced in the mammary glands after birth).

Until the Cockapoo puppies immune systems are mature, the colostrum milk serves to fight possible infections away. To make sure the puppies are getting proper nourishment, weigh and record their weight during the first two weeks.

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