Cockapoo Haircuts

How To Give Your Cockapoo A Haircut

As I discussed in the last post no Cockapoo is exactly the same. A professional groomer will tell you that the size and shape of each dog is unique as well as variations in coat curls. All are important considerations when deciding on what style is going to work best for your dog.

You have to think about what is suitable for your lifestyle- muddy walks, rainy weather etc., or ultra-clean apartment style- everyone is different.

Cockapoo Trim: 10 Easy Steps

You will probably settle into your own routine but this is generally the one I follow- many people enjoy taking a before and after photo.

While sculpting each part of your Cockapoo’s body you’ll get a sense of what looks good for that coat type. Grooming is one of those great things you can jump right into and learn as you go. But this is a good routine to follow.

  1. Clean his eyes and ears and bathe him
  2. Dry him and clip nails
  3. Comb out the hair and fur
  4. Trim and shape the body coat- his chest, back, sides and tummy
  5. Trim and shape the coat on the forelegs
  6. Trim and shape the coat on the hind legs
  7. Trim and shape the coat on the tail and bottom-end parts to keep things hygienic
  8. Trim and shape the coat on the neck, head and face
  9. Finish with a final comb through with your hands as well.
  10. job done. Give your Cockapoo his favourite treat to re-inforce this is a fun routine

The Most Important Part Of The Trim….

Keeping his eyes clear

Trim overgrowing hair away from your Cockapoo’s eyes to help him see clearly.

You can use thinning scissors to take away excess fur or hair from the fringe and between the eyes. It also allows you to see how lovely their faces are.

Trimming Cockapoo Beards

Cockapoo beards can get very wet after a drink or in rain so some people prefer to remove the beard.

cockapoo grooming
Bailey has just been clipped at home


It may well take three or more bathing and grooming sessions before you manage to clear the whole undercoat.

At the end of each session the section you have been working on will be clear and the hair smooth and at that point you can rinse away any remaining conditioner and loose hair


Use an Easi Dri Towel or Dog Blaster (hair dryer) to get rid of excess water but remember to keep the gadget’s nozzle over 30 cms away or else you could end up knotting the hair. It’s most important not to brush the hair whilst it is drying. Once the excess water has been removed then on a sunny day your Cockapoo’s coat will dry off on an hour’s walk. Otherwise, try a normal hairdryer to scrunch dry his hair to restore its waves or ringlets.

Summer trim

To help your dog keep cool in the summer and to make cleaning easier in the winter clip the excess hair between its front legs to groin, being careful to only take excess hair.

groomed cockapoo before and after

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