Cockapoo Breeders NJ

A list if Cockapoo Breeders in New Jersey (NJ)

Clancy and Leo –

Janet’s Cockapoos

Breeder: Janet
Northern New jersey
Phone: 973-632-1338

Eden Orchards American Cockapoos

About: A small scale breeder of American Cockapoo puppies for sale as service, therapy & family pets.
Breeder: Annette
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Puppy Agent Websites

1 in 4 puppies bought over the internet will be dead within six months (source: BBC). Missing essential vaccinations and un hygienic living environments that lead to diseases like parvo virus (common when a puppy has been living around faeces) are common place as these things cost and eat into a puppy agent’s profit.

The websites below look like typical outlets for puppy mill dogs, AKA dog factories.

Other New Jersey Useful Dog Links

Adoption Outreach

Animal Control

Animal Friendly License Plate

Department of Health

Disaster Preparedness for Animals

Dog Bite Prevention


Humane Education

Rental Housing and Pets

  • Renting with Pets

Shelter Outreach

  • Animal Welfare Federation of New Jersey (AWFNJ)

Spay and Neuter

Go to Cockapoo Rescues NJ

buying a cockapoo

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