Red Cockapoo

What Is A Red Cockapoo?

Red Cockapoos Coats appear along of spectrum of amazing shades.

A Cockapoo’s coat colour is decided by what genes are passed from the parent male and female to their puppies.

Dogs have approximately 19,000 genes in their canine genome but very few contribute to the colour variations in their coats. Nature has determined that most genes come in pairs, one from the Cockapoo’s mother and one from the male. Some genes have more than one version and the technical name for this isallele.

The Red Cockapoo (the same as all dog fur) is coloured with two types of melanin:

  1. eumelanin (generating chocolate brown, grey, black pigment) and
  2. phaeomelanin (generating tan pigments tan which notably includes all shades of red, gold and cream).

The absence of melanin will make a white coat.

Why are there so many shades of red Cockapoo?

The variations in genetic pathways coming from both parents lead to differences in concentration of the pheomelanin pigment.deposited in the hair/fur. This complex mix of genes produces a red spectrum of colour.

Are Red haired Cockapoos More Aggressive?

Research has been done on this subject. When I first heard about it I thought it was probably an old wives take similar to red headed women being feisty so I was surprised to hear there was some science behind it.

The explanation is red hair is a ‘hereditary factor for dominant–aggressive behaviour in the English Cocker Spaniel. You can read more here if you’re interested but this seems like a minor factor. Considering the importance of selecting a male and female with a good temperament and good socialisation with a loving family I certainly won’y worry about it.

apricot auburn cockapoo

Red teddy bear cockapoo

red cockapoo 4 weeks old

Red Cockapoo 1 year old

red cockapoo puppy with white dash on chest

Fox Red Cockapoo

have a lovely coat and are very sought after. They are not as popular as the black cockapooorwhite cockapoobut they do have a strong following and are often requested from breeders.

What Is A Ruby Red Cockapoo Puppy

The deep red colour has a ruby like quality and is so gorgeous. The Puppy below is just 8 weeks old and although not the best photo, you can see the depth of the red which will come in stronger with the full adult coat at about one year.

ruby red cockapoo puppy
ruby red cockapoo puppy at 8 weeks