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Article updated 14 June 2020 – Simon James

Once you have decided what colour and size Cockapoo you want, it’a time to begin your search for a Cockapoo near you or a drive-able distance from where you live.

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Cockapoo For Sale – Don’t Look For A Bargain

An often asked question is how much should I pay for a Cockapoo?

Unlike our other purchases, there is one thing you do not want to go in search of – a bargain price.

The popularity of the Cockapoo breed has led to all kinds of breeder and puppy agents posting Cockapoo For Sale whose sole motivation is dog breeding for profit.

For More Information on Cockapoo prices here.

red cockapoo for sale
Red Cockapoo puppies are much sought after

Responsible breeders are always seeking to breed from the best examples of a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle and carry out all the necessary pre-breeding screening and health checks to provide a healthy puppy.

Other Considerations When Searching Cockapoo For Sale

credit: Clare Andrusyk

With Cockapoo Puppies being in such a high demand, you may be contacting more than breeder as waiting lists are full.

Below are 8 things to discuss with the breeder you get in touch with. Do you home work and watch out for breeders that are cutting corners and do not have the dogs welfare paramount.

Avoidance Tactics:

Breeders that avoid questions regarding their dams, sires and their puppies. Breeders should be transparent! You should prepare a list and ask them LOTS of questions. If any of these questions cannot be answered suitably you should be hesitant in purchasing a puppy. In turn a good breeder will have a questionnaire to ask potential new owners, they require telephone calls and details of your lifestyle. This shows genuine care and welfare of the puppy.
Ask to see original health test papers from at least one parent and double check the names of the dogs specified to the breeders name and address.

Vet Care

Beware of Breeders that do not have health testing and that have not had their litter health checked by a qualified vet. Breeders are supplied with written confirmation from vets that they have had vital checks completed and the status of their findings. Health checks can be completed anywhere before the date they leave for their new homes. Pups should all be micro-chipped and registered to the breeder by law before they leave for new homes. Ensure you receive their microchip number records when you pick up your puppy.

Commercial Breeders

These are breeders that use their dogs only for the purpose of breeding. They have a horrendous practice of selling their breeding dogs on once they are of no use. They do not care for the dog as a pet, its only use is to sadly make money from. They come in the form of a hugely fancy website, selling tons litters throughout the year, puppies to order and unfortunately some of them are even council registered.


All good Breeders should be transparent to a degree. Fancy marketing does not necessarily mean a great healthy, home reared puppy. Look beyond the photos of a pup playing on a kitchen floor, ask to see videos of them playing or nursing from their mother. Look for photos of their whelping area. Tell tale signs of a kennel breeder are concrete garage walls, wooden kennels in photos. Tell tale signs of a Puppy farmer is usually photos of pups that are being copied from the Internet, they probably wont be the pup that you wanted…

Good breeders will have tons of puppy photos from birth onwards

Free Shipping

You must be able to see the puppy reared in its home environment and be able to see the parents. Breeders who offer free shipping without physically meeting the potential new owners first is a red flag. Breeders like these do not care whom their puppies are going to and if so it’s most likely that they do not care about their health either…

Knowledge of the Breed

All good breeders should be very knowledgeable of their breed. They should know specifics surrounding the health, temperament, traits and why they specifically choose to breed. Do your research first, join Cockapoo groups and ask questions to our breeders/follow posts/read up as much as possible to prepare.


The breeder doesn’t want to show you where the pups are reared and/or wants to meet you in a public location. This is a strong indication that this breeder is a puppy farmer or that the dog’s living conditions are poor. For a great, socialised puppy chose one that has been reared inside in a family home environment throughout the full duration of their upbringing.

Meet the Parents

You must be able to physically meet the mum of the pups. Look for signs that she is interacting directly with her pups. Puppies swamp their mother which is overwhelming for them however do not let this be an excuse that you cannot physically see them together. Not being able to see the mum of the pups is a strong indicator that the breeders are in fact Puppy Farmers.

Ask for details of the Sire, ask to see pictures, how much vetting did the breeder do to ensure the pups father is of good health? Can you see the Sire? Can you contact the owner of the Sire?

Buyer Beware

More than one third of people admit they are clueless about where to find a good breeder with the majority starting with an internet search.

8 month old cockapoo for sale
Demand for chocolate Cockapoos outstrips supply

With demand so high, and the unscrupulous breeder is ready to supply the demand with puppy farm Cockapoos- this is a massive problem.

More than one in five people suffer financially by having to fork out expensive vet bills if they spent 20 minutes or less researching where to buy a puppy (View my top 10 list of pet insurance for your Cockapoo. And that doesn’t count the emotional cost of a family coming to terms with a puppy that has parvovirus or hip dysplasia.

10 month old cockapoo for sale

For a greater understanding of the Cockapoo breed, Your First Cockapoo: A Helpful Guideis a good place to start. It contains a link to the 2020 updated UK registered breeding list. It’s not essential to use a CCGB registered breeder, but its a good place to start and gives a lot of people peace of mind. If they don’t have a puppy for your that will certainly be able to make good recommendations for a breeder in your area and probably warn you off a few as well.

Other Websites To Search Cockapoo For Sale

If you are going to search for “cockapoo for sale” you will come across Pets4home; freeads; gumtree these sites are definitely a bad place to start. Start looking for cockapoo puppies for sale on facebook groups. People on these groups are fans of the breed and have excellent advice.

Good luck! and enjoy some lovely pictures and and videos below.