10 Reasons More Than Pet Insurance Is Worth Getting For Your Cockapoo

More Than Pet Insurance For Your Cockapoo

Many people contact me about getting pet insurance when they have just got their  Cockapoo form a rescue or as a puppy.  There are a lot of different pet plans out there, in fact the market is saturated with options for dog owners to choose from it’s really confusing.

Veterinary costs can get expensive quickly, particularly of your dog has a serious illness. At that time of stress and worry the last thing a person wants to be thinking about is finances. To a large extent a good more than pet insurance policy gives everyone peace of mind.

But what features should be drawing a line under when you’re going through them, after all, if your Cockapoo has an accident or major illness you don’t want a nasty surprise that you’re not covered because you didn’t read the small print.

Pet plans are always broken down into the same categories and you focus on the headings I have outlined below you can choose the right pet insurance.

Despite some fancy names, all pet cover plans will broadly fit into three categories.

More Than Pet Insurance: 3 Categories

Accident Only Cover

The cheapest option you will be presented with is accident only.  We’re talking about broken bones and accidents.

Remember you are leaving yourself financial exposed because as the name suggests

This isn’t going to cover you for any congenital or hereditary illness your cockapoo might suffer from – a list of those illnesses can be found here.

TIME LIMITED Mid Level Cover

This type of insurance offers more protection and is popular for those who want to keep monthly premiums down. It will pay out up to a certain amount (often £3000) per condition or illness. After that you bear the veterinary costs.

Comprehensive Life Time Cover

Your monthly premium will be higher but the limit per condition will be higher (often £5000) and the limit will be renewed when the policy is reinstated every year. This will cover you if your dog has a long term degenerative condition because an illness is not excluded from the policy once our dog has suffered with it.

You have the peace of mind that your dog is covered his whole life, and as long as you keep renewing the policy each year you can’t be refused insurance cover.


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Things To Remember About More Than Pet Insurance

You may have to pay upfront for veterinary costs and get reimbursed later from your pet plan

Has your Cockapoo had all his vaccinations? Insurance complains want to know this

If you are switching plans make sure more than pet insurance covers pre existing conditions – many will exclude them

The older your Cockapoo gets the harder he will be to insure. In fact, premiums often go up each year and the likely hood  of you need to use your cover increases


The top insurance providers look to be as comprehensive as possible. And conversely, a poor provider try to build in as many exclusions and caveats as possible so as not to pay out.

More than pet insurance is a case of you get what you pay for and price or monthly premiums will reflect the quality of the cover you are purchasing.

The reality is most people are going to looking for something of a trade-off between the cost of their monthly premiums and considering the likelihood their dog is going to need the insurance cover.


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