Cockapoo Puppies Are Wonderful But Never Make This One Mistake

Cockapoo Puppies Are Heavily In Demand So Be Careful

With the Cockapoo officially the most popular mixed-breed dog in the UK another wave of interest has emerged. Cheap Cockapoo Puppies For Sale Ads proliferate the internet but it can be a trap.

Please pause to consider if the breed meets your expectations and how you’re to screen sellers of Cockapoo puppies? When dog breeds become popular, puppy farm agents fill demand with cheap cockapoo puppies for sale advertisements on Craig’s list and Gumtree. So read up, be smart, and make sure you’re making a wise purchase.


One of the first things that attracts people to the Cockapoo breed is they have a reputation for being hypoallergenic. This isn’t true. But if you are attracted to a Cockapoo with a Poodle-style coat, you will find a dog that sheds less than most. It’s not just hair that people have pet allergies to, its also saliva and urine, and all dogs come with plenty of that.

For people with severe allergies sometimes the difficult decision not to have a dog needs to be accepted. Allergic reaction to hair, when the adult coat comes in, is a common reason leading to dog’s needing a new home.

Cost of Buying A Cockapoo

What is a reasonable price to pay for a Cockapoo puppy? For first time owners, reading advertisements with acronyms like F1 and F2b, makes it difficult to understand what you are paying for?

The RSPCA says, 87% of puppy trade calls it receives are from people who purchased their puppy over the internet. In fact, a whooping 38% of people enter a search term like ‘Cockapoo puppies for sale’ and begin their process to find a dog.

Ongoing Costs

Lack of finances is another reason new owners give up their dogs. Considering Cockapoos come with a  price tag of approx. £1000, you need to add another £1000 into your budget for yearly costs and initial health costs. I’ve written an article which goes into greater detail about on-going and initial Cockapoo costs.Searching For A Cockapoo breeder – Stop The Traffic

Your First Cockapoo, focuses on the perils of searching out a responsible breeder. If you don’t find a good one your journey to happy Cockapoo ownership will have a high probability of ending badly. An unhealthy puppy that has Parvovirus, a shortened life span, or hip dysplasia because the breeder couldn’t be bothered or care a less about the parents and hip and elbow scoring, are just some of the pitfalls you will certainly encounter.

The Cockapoo community is quite large and active and can offer good advice. I keep a list of breeders on this website or you can go to the CCGB page.

Cockapoo Rescue Puppies

How many times have you heard there are so many great dogs in rescue centres looking for a loving home? Well, its true, there are, but you have to understand the difference in getting a rescue dog to buying a puppy. As long as you are informed then this can be a great way to find your dream dog.

Some rescue centers will provide a long term health plan for the dog and they will have ensured vaccinations and worming is up to date as well as having a veterinary assessment of the dog. It’s worthwhile checking small breed rescue centers in your area as more and more Cockapoos are turning up  due to the popularity of the breed.


Cockapoo rescue puppies
Cockapoos increased popularity has led to an increase in rescue dogs


Cockapoos need varying amounts of exercise depending on their parental heritage (was the sire a Working Cocker or Show Cocker Spaniel) and their size.

If you get a Cockapoo puppy bred from a standard size Poodle and a Working Cocker parent, prepare to be outside in the park a lot as they these dogs are made for a rugged out door life.

Cockapoo Puppies Are Wonderful But Never Make This One Mistake
If bred from ‘Working’ stock Cockapoos need lots of exercise


Every dog deserves some basic training. Why let your pet annoy you with begging, jumping up, pulling on the lead when some upfront investment of your time can save you the hassle of a disobedient dog down the line. A puppy training programme will also help build an early bond between you.

Your Cockapoo has a very intelligent and trainable brain. And he wants to learn how to please you. So do  try a simple, positive rewards based training programme. I wrote a Cockapoo training programme based on the Dogs Trust methodology which I love, and it’s very easy and enjoyable.

Getting your Cockapoo housetrained will be your first effort with training so get started with this guide.


The type of grooming and frequency depends on the type of Cockapoo you have been attracted to.

A Cockapoo with a Flat Coat, is similar in appearance to a Cocker Spaniel so will only need occasional bathing and brushing. A curly coat or Poodle coat will need to be clipped and many people choose to let a professional do that.

Taking pride in your dog’s appearance is a sign of your affection for him. It also serves as a regular health examination as you can take the opportunity to feel your dog’s body for anything unusual.

For more detailed information on grooming please read top grooming tips.


Cockapoos are not know to be an aggressive dog. If bred responsibly and socialised correctly from a puppy, they have a wonderful, family-friendly temperament. The reason dogs can sometimes show signs of aggressive around new people, or skittish and uncertain in new situations, is they have not had a structured socialisation programme to integrate them into the big new world they are born into.

Have fun!

The best thing you can do for your Cockapoo is exercise him regularly and have fun. Remember puppy’s need to play! Engaging in games, agility sessions and meet ups are the best parts of dog ownership. If you don’t get out there and make the most of the wonderful life you can have with a Cockapoo you’re missing out.

Feel free to ask me any questions below, or if you only have minutes to spare to read up on the wonderful Cockapoo breed, try my free ebook the 10 Minute Cockapoo.


available cockapoo puppies
Cockapoo Meet ups are a great way to socialise


8 thoughts on “Cockapoo Puppies Are Wonderful But Never Make This One Mistake”

  1. Hi Mr. James; My name is Jennifer and I an looking for a toy Cockapoo for my mother. We lost my father to suicide a few years ago and my mother is a hoverer. She needs to be taking care of someone or something to feel needed and useful. She had a Red Chow that my father gave her for around 15 years, but sadly she passed away a few months ago. I know that a Cockapoo bred from a “show” parent would be amazing for her. She doesn’t work and has plenty of time to spend with a companion, and I know that it would give her life a little more joy and purpose. She can’t afford one herself, but I want to find a well bred pup for her, and was wondering if you could send me some information about where I can find the best prices for a healthy pup, as budget is still a slight issue for me also. I would appreciate any assistance you could provide.
    Jennifer Hodge
    [email protected]

    • Hi Jennifer- the CCGB has an approved breeders list, but there are plenty of good amateur breeders. Just read the advice on this website around buying a puppy and don’t purchase over the internet. Always visit the puppy and see it with it’s mum first.
      Good luck

      • Mr. James, thank you so much for responding so quickly! I most definitely will be going to meet the puppies, with my mother, to ensure that they are a good match for one another. My only other question, if I do happen to purchase one from an amateur breeder, will the puppies have a higher risk of dysplasia or retinal atrophy? In all honesty, I would love one whether or not it was from the best breeding pair, I just want it to be healthy and happy. I appreciate you taking the time to read and respond to my questions. Thank you so very much for all your help sir!

        Jennifer Hodge

        • Hi Jennifer- Good breeders get testing done on the male and female before deciding to breed.

          Find a reputable breeder nearer enough to travel to and phone them and ask what screening they do?

          There’s some really responsible amateur breeders out there, it doesn’t mean buying from them increases the chances of a hip dysplasia, the only way is to screen and get a score so you can predict.

          Hope that helps!
          Best wishes


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