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When thinking of Cockapoo Colours, a new owner has much to think about.

The range if colours is amazing

A new owner will often have a colour in mind, but for those that don’t have compiled a list to help you decide.

Cockapoo puppies vary greatly in colour particularly when the first born (F2) is bred back to the parent breed (F1) passing on a more complex genetic code.

cockapoo puppies 7 days old
cockapoo puppy 7 days old

(Click on the colour to see a gallery of that colour Cockapoo). Common Cockapoo puppy colours are:

Cockapoo Colours: Puppies Can Be Multi Coloured

Two tone Cockapoos are often described as having a “black tuxedo”, for example, if they are predominantly black with a white torso.

Cockapoos often have intricate markings and appear patchy. They can also have freckle type spots called “ticking”.

American Cockapoos can have a merle coat, inherited from the American Cocker Spaniel and not yet seen in the UK. This makes the coat appear to have a mottled affect.

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