Shades of Brown and Chocolate Cockapoos

The Brown Cockapoo is adorable! We have already written about the popularity of the WhiteChocolate and Cream Cockapoo. But brown is equally as popular and sought after among those searching  for their first Cockapoo puppy.  The picture below shows a typical mix of Cocker and Poodle style coats that is relatively easy to groom. Both are Standard size sometimes refereed to as maxi. This is the larger size for the Cockapoo and will need lost regular exercise.



brown cockapoo
brown cockapoo snuggles up with a cream cockapoo

Cockapoos are much sought after.  Finding a good local breeding that doesn’t cut corners and encourages you, the buyer, to see the Cockapoo puppy with its mother before your commit is essential.

Enjoy these videos to see if Cockapoo ownership is for you

Chocolate 8 week old Cockapoo puppy

Brown Cockapoo puppies

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  • Its important that you search for your Cockapoo safely


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