What Is The Average Life Expectancy Of A Cockapoo

The Lifespan of A Cockapoo

It’s one of the immediate questions that comes up when considering which dog breed? And rightfully so because there is a large variance in life expectancy depending on the dog you choose.

average life expectancy cockapoo
Cockapoos Average Age is 13-15 years

Average Lifespan Of A Cockapoo

Although, The American Cockapoo Club estimates the Cockapoo’s life expectancy at 12 to 20 years, I believe the top end of that range is rare. In my experience of knowing many Cockapoo owners I would say 13 to 15 years is a good innings.

Cockapoo Maximum Age

In researching this article, I also noted one reference stating Cockapoo’s have been known to live for up to 22 years. Although there wasn’t any further evidence to back that up. Looking to other breeds though, it’s interesting to look at the top 10 life expectancy of comparing all dog breeds.

Comparing Age To Other Breeds

On this list, the Toy Poodle comes in at Number 5.

Compared to the Cockapoo breeding parents which are of course The American / English Cocker Spaniel breeds + Poodle (often a Miniature Poodle), Cockapoos’ life expectancy falls unsurprisingly in between the two. Cocker spaniels average 12 1/2 years while Miniature poodles average 14 1/2 years.

Average Age of Smaller Dogs

If you compare the life expectancy of the Cockapoo to dogs of the same size. The average for a smaller breed in the western hemisphere is 12.8 years.

life span of cockapoo
Smaller Breed Dogs Live Longer

Cockapoo Lifespan Compared to Larger Dogs

Large dogs life’s unwind at a faster speed. Although studies have failed to pinpoint exactly why, smaller dogs like the Cockapoo tend to live longer than bigger dogs. For example, the great Irish Wolf Hound averages only 5-7 years.

Research suggests that if you have a miniature or Toy Cockapoo it may outlive a Maxi or Standard size Cockapoo. For more information on Cockapoo sizes click here.

I’d love to know how old you Cockapoo is – please let me know!


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    1. I’m sorry to hear that. I always say, it was not our decision that our dog was born but we found him and tried to give him the best possible life he could have. I’ve taken comfort in that before, I hope the pain passes and the wonderful memories endure.
      God Bless

  1. My blonde Cockapoo just had her 18th birthday last week. She has renal problems, a deteriorating condition. She sleeps all day. Some arthritis in one hip. She also has cataracts and hardly hears. She often walks around and around in circles. She’s also in diapers, which helps a lot. But she eats and drinks, demands her treats and can still use the outside potty area. Sometimes walking is hard for her so we carry her. She still likes cuddles. She’s on renal formula food and pain/inflammation meds. She gets a little testy at times if you pick her up the wrong way or so and will making biting motions – we think that’s because her joints hurt. We’ve fed her good food over the years with only the rare treat of table food and even then, just a taste. Her hair looks good from a distance but it’s thin and she has age spots and warts. But she’s still pretty.

  2. Our cockapoo is almost 16. We had one bad night about a year ago, when he was crying all night. First thing in the morning, we got him to the vet who put him on anti-inflam. meds and he has not had a bad night like that again. He has a bad limp, poor sight and hearing, has lost quite a bit of weight, and sleeps a lot, but he still wags his tail when we pet him and give him treats and he lets us know when he wants to eat, drink and go outside. It’s helpful to hear other people’s experiences with their cockapoos so I decided to share ours.

  3. My little cockapoo girl will be 20 in two months, and I treasure every day I still have with her. Her biggest challenges are cataracts and degenerative myelopathy (weakness in her hindquarters), but we still go for walks every day around sunset so the glare doesn’t blind her. She eats and drinks well, goes to the bathroom on her own (but I take her out frequently) and is alert most of the time, but she sleeps a lot and has her ‘senior moments’ when she also walks around in circles aimlessly. She’s on a pain/inflammation medication which makes her drowsy. But she still engages with me in her own way and enjoys her walks. And she still looks like the same cute puppy I was blessed to find almost 20 years ago.

  4. Our cockapoo, Buddy, is 17.5 and still dances for treats. He tends to sleep through days and is pretty hard of hearing, but he just starting to have cataracts. He sometimes seems to have difficulty with his back legs, and is hesitant to jump from anything more than 12in high, but is otherwise in good shape.

  5. My cockapoo Toffie lived a good 16 years – we had to put him down last week but realised it was his time to go. His health declined due to kidney disease – he ended up losing a lot of weight and could no longer walk so his quality of life dropped quite quickly in the end. At 15 however he was still walking around wagging his tail! We think perhaps he could have lived much longer but when he was younger he broke into a stash of easter eggs and ate them all… perhaps took a year or so off but overall glad he was with us for so long! They really do have longevity compare to some other breeds.

  6. My sweetie is 15 and a bit. Quite blind due to cataracts and I suspect deafness to some degree (but maybe he’s just ignoring me. He’s quite arthritic and cannot walk like we used to. Take him out more frequently now but less distance for our walks. He does do the aimless pacing in the last short while but is happy and cheery most of the time.

  7. Our Cockapoo lived to be 15 and we just put her down yesterday. Up until Christmas, she was doing great (although she had lost her hearing), then she started eating less and vomiting. Her bloodwork showed kidney failure and she declined quickly. I’m glad she didn’t suffer too long. She was an amazing family pet and I am so thankful my kids (now 22 and 24) grew up with such a loyal and loving companion. She will be missed so much.

    1. So sorry to hear you lost your fur baby Michelle- I know how hard it is. Sounds like you gave her the best life with your family.

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