Do Cockapoos Shed?

Cockapoos have a reputation for not shedding hair – but is it true?

The beauty of a hybrid dog is that undesirable traits can be ‘breed out’ or at least minimised by selecting a parent breed whose desirable qualities the breeder wants to genetically carry through to the offspring.

It’s not known for what purpose a Cocker Spaniel and Poodle were originally cross bred (all though the benefits are clear), but one plus is the poodle’s tight curled hair has always appealed to those who don’t want to be hovering up too much hair in their home.

Puppy fur to Adult Cockapoo Coat

There is an age when all Cockapoos will definitely shed hair – when they loose their puppy fur and their adult coat comes in. This natural process of moulting is unavoidable but regular daily or twice daily grooming will mean less hair on your sofa! The adult coat generally ‘comes in’ at around 8 months of age.

Fyi, remember, if the moult is not groomed out, your Cockapoo’s lovely coat will start to matt and even grow into dreadlocks.

Wavy or curly coat

Moulting aside, Cockapoos still have a reputation for non shedding because of the poodle lineage.  But what if the puppy inherits its coat from the Cocker? Results will vary.

Some First Cross ‘F1’ Cockapoos take after the Cocker Spaniel so offspring will have wavy hair that can grow up to 15cm long.

So if you are intent on having a low shedding Cockapoo you need to choose a puppy whose coat follows the poodle heritage.

Will the breeder know?

Breeders know a lot of things but they won’t be able to tell before 6 weeks what kind of coat an F1 Cockapoo puppy will have. And if the puppy does take after the Cocker, dog owners will tell you some Cocker Spaniels shed like crazy while some shed hardly at all. Some Cockers can get up from their bed and hardly leave any hairs while another Cocker when you stroke their back you come away with a palm full of hair.


To be honest it is a bit of myth that Cockapoos don’t shed – all dogs shed to some degree. The poodle factor has garnered the Cockapoo with the reputation as a non to light shedder but the truth is they will be light shedders at best.

When choosing a puppy, wait until 8 weeks (as you always should) before taking a puppy home from its mother. By that time it should become clear what sort of coat (wavy or curls) the dog has inherited. If the puppy’s coat is inherited from the Cocker side of the family just keep her coat short and groom often to lessen the shedding.

Finally, remember also that Poodle parents come in sizes: Teacup, Toy, Miniature and Standard. The smaller the dog the fewer the hairs shed.

What are your experiences of your Cockapoo shedding – answers below.

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How to Bath Your Cockapoo Puppy For The First Time

How to bath your cockapoo puppy
How to bath your cockapoo puppy


If you have just bought a cockapoo puppy home for the first time you may be wondering when he needs his first bath?

And how often you should bath your puppy after that?

The answer is you only need to bath him when he needs bathing.

Why is this?

Although cockapoo fur does vary between short poodle-like fur and longer cocker-style hair, your puppy will have a thick fur coat. And within a few months, this soft puppy coat is replaced by an adult fur coat.

The Adult Fur Coat

When the adult fur comes it will have the added benefit of being very water proof.

The natural grease and oils that a dog secretes, coat each strand of their hair. You may have noticed a greasy smearing on a white pillow or wall if your dog has come into contact with it.

Bathing your cockapoo regularly will wash the natural grease and oils from his coat. Not only will the coat loose its natural lustre, when your puppy gets wet he will be more cold and take longer to dry.

Of course, if your puppy roles in something smelly he will need a bath, but for minor mishaps and dirty paws try using wet wipes to clean him up.

What Shampoo?

If it’s essential to bath him then don’t reach for a human shampoo. The chemicals it contains are not designed for a puppy’s sensitive skin. It may lead to skin complaints.

A baby shampoo can be used but a puppy shampoo is ideal.

Where to bath your Cockapoo puppy

Most puppies are quite intimidated by a big white bath tub and it can cause your puppy to panic.

Pick a place where your cockapoo knows he is safe like the kitchen sink.

For very small puppies a plastic tub on the kitchen floor would be ideal.

It’s bath time – be prepared

Until your little cockapoo has got used to the bathing routine I recommend having two people doing the job. A wet wriggling puppy can be hard to manage.

Make sure you are using warm water and have a plastic cup for rinsing. You will also need several hand towels.

Favourite treats are always a good idea to reward your puppy for calm compliant behaviour.

Washing your puppy

bathing your cockapoo puppy

Take your time wetting your puppy slowly using  the plastic cup while using your best soothing, reassuring voice. You will notice because his fur is water proof it takes some time to get them thoroughly wet.

Take a good amount of the puppy shampoo and spread it down your puppy’s spine massaging gently. With slow deliberate strokes start working your hands into the fur coat. Then gently do each leg in turn. Lastly do his tummy and bottom.

The face should not be washed with shampoo unless absolutely necessary. Again wet wipes are usually fine. And always remember to keep the soap away from your puppy’s eyes.

Once your puppy’s fur coat has been thoroughly washed with the shampoo change the water in the bowl. With fresh warmish water you can then begin to rinse him off with the plastic cup.

Don’t forget to be generous with treats. This will help your puppy remember bath time isn’t a bad experience!


When he’s done

If you do have a helper it’s a good idea that one washes and one dries. Once you have rinsed all the shampoo from the fur scoop him up and place him in your helpers lap. They should have a hand towel on their lap and another one to dry.

Now comes the fun part for your cockapoo puppy as they love getting dry!

You will find no matter how good a job you do towelling him off as soon as you put him down he will want to shake himself.

Finally, leave him to air dry in a warm part of the house and leave a towel out for him to play with and roll dry. You may want this to be away from your living room as the wet dog smell is inevitable 😉

If you’re going to use a hairdryer try and get your puppy used to the noise first. Remember to set it on low heat as it can get hot fast on his sensitive skin. Try and dry the fur through your fingers so you can make sure his delicate puppy skin is not getting too hot.

Wrapping it Up

A false start with bathing because you’re upset or stressed your puppy is messy can cause your cockapoo to be apprehensive about bath time.

Like every aspect of socializing your puppy, try and make it fun and enjoyable so they are relaxed about the routine next time.