Miniature Cockapoo

The Miniature Cockapoo

Because the Cockapoo is associated with being the ideal apartment dog the Miniature Cockapoo is much sought after- but how compact are they?

Miniature Cockapoos stand between 11-14 inches / 27.94-35.56 cm and fall in a range of 13-18 lbs. / 5.89-6.35 kg

Miniature cockapoo
Miniature Cockapoo

Your breeder should be able to talk to you in detail about exact size of puppies as the size of the parent dogs is the deciding factor.

Miniature Cockapoo puppies

In the UK F1 Miniature Cockapoos are usually the result of breeding a ‘Working’ or ‘Show’ Cocker Spaniel with a miniature poodle.

Coat colours

Coat colours and markings are a fun part of Cockapoo ownership so have a look at our gallery.

Cockapoo pedigree

Some people are insistent on wanting a First Cross (F1) Miniature poo but the second cross (F2) are generally cheaper and every bit as lovely with a happy fun-loving-personality.

(An F2 is the off spring of a F1 mated with another F1.)

Who is the ideal owner?

The miniature poo is ideal for those people who maybe have a smaller living environment and want a less time intensive dog. The smaller size also comes with less grooming needs and less exercise requirements. Although all dogs need and love exercise, smaller dogs are easier as they just don’t need as much compared to the maxi or standard size Cockapoo.

They are certainly more of a lap dog than the large Cockapoos and perhaps just a smidgen more cute!