Weaning Puppies From Their Mother

Weaning Puppies From Their Mother

There are a lot of different schools of thought about how best to wean a puppy from the mother’s milk.  You can ask your veterinarian for a feeding plan for your lovely new Cockapoo puppies!

As a general rule of thumb though, must breeders begin the weaning process between 2-4 weeks after the birth.  You will need to choose a quality branded puppy formula and many breeders just leave a bowls out for the pups to start feeding away from the mother.  Another method is to blend the formula up with some ground up puppy feed or baby rice cereal to create a kind of porridge.

As the weeks go on you can mix the formula with a bit of solid feed.

A golden rule is to make changes in the feeding regime gradually and incrementally to avoid any digestive issues. Remember to weigh the puppies daily and keep written records so you can be sure of steady healthy weight gain.


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