Homing Your Cockapoo Puppies

Homing Your Cockapoo Puppies

By the time you’re ready to let your Cockapoo puppies go to a new home, you will be knowledgeable about the breed and the responsibilities of dog ownership. However, not everyone that rings your number grab themselves a Cockapoo will, so you must inform them about the challenges as well as the fun aspect of having a brand new puppy.

Fortunately Cockapoos are quite low maintenance compared to larger breeds but that doesn’t mean they’re no-maintenance. If you encounter someone with a mobility issue asking about one of your puppies, you may want ask how they plan to exercise the dog each day?

The bottom line is a responsible breeder ensures their litter does go to good homes. People aren’t perfect, but your gut instinct should be enough to make sure you give some inquiries a thorough screening.

Prepare yourself with some questions to ask interested parties who enquire about the availability of your puppies; here are some ideas:

  1. What has attracted the person or family to the Cockapoo breed?
  1. Who is going to be the primary carer of the dogs needs?
  1. How is your work schedule?…have you considered the time needed for exercise, grooming and basic obedience training?
  1. Are you sure you or a family member is not allergic (Cockapoos are light-shedders but they do shed some hair)
  1. What veterinarian practice do they intend to use? Will they be getting pet insurance in case a major operation is needed?
  1. How seriously do they take training their dog. A happy dog is one that pleases its master and happy owners have obedient dogs not naughty ones.
  1. How often will the dog be by itself? Cockapoos are bred as a companion dog so they do suffer from separation anxiety and not good on their own for long periods.
  1. Puppies need to play–will the new owner have time to do this quite intensively at first and then walk the dog at least once a day?
  1. Will they be registering the dog with the local breed club? Or showing their dog or meeting up with other Cockapoo enthusiasts?

You should also provide written documentation on a number of items:

  • Vaccination/health records
  • Feeding instructions
  • Health guarantees,
  • Return policy
  • Any health or genetic tests
  • Sales agreement/contract


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