Finalize The Stud Contract

Finalize The Stud Contract

So you have worked through the health screenings, genetic checks, and found a sire for your dam. Now for finding the perfect mate! Relations with the stud dog owner can sour if the details of the mating are not thought through and formalised into a written contract.

It’s important that it is in writing and not just a verbal handshake agreement as details can often get lost in translation.  It should be a signed agreement and be comprehensive covering all possible outcomes and obligations.  The stud owner will always set a stud fee although that can be open to negotiation.

Payment can be in monetary or animal form. Some times the stud dog owner will ask for the first “pick of the litter”. If you are breeding from a Poodle or Cocker Spaniel the litter can be registered with the Kennel Club. If you are breeding from a Cockapoo bitch the litter will not be recognised by the Kennel Club because they do not keep records of cross breeds.

You may want to state in the contract if the litter is to be registered with the CCGB breed group . This would also be a good contact in terms of placement of your puppies.



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