So You Want To Buy A Cockapoo Safely?

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With Cockapoos being one of the most popular dogs, demand is simply overwhelming.

That’s why, sadly, many families turn to internet ads and unscrupulous breeders out to make quick cash.  This means they end up with heartbreak instead of an adorable family pet.

It’s a fact that a genetically sick or unhealthy puppy usually dies within six months.

But all that sadness for the family and pet is entirely avoidable! ‘Your First Cockapoo’ will teach you all the right questions to ask and precisely what information and documentation the breeder should supply. As well as linking to a freshly updated list of UK registered breeders.

Whether you intend to rescue or re-home your dog, the ebook will teach you where to look for a Cockapoo puppy and how to spot a bad breeder.

Amazingly most people will purchase their Cockapoo over the internet without ever meeting the puppy with its mother first. Don’t be one of them.

Make an informed decision and safe purchase for you and your family.

I also hate to see dogs going to the wrong home, so ‘Your First Cockapoo’ will tell you all about the Cockapoo breed, its temperament, characteristics, exercise needs and costs. After all, every dog owner should know what they are taking on.

I also discuss all the benefits and considerations of rescuing a dog and link to Cockapoo Rescue Pages.

I’ve been a fan of the Cockapoo breed for a long time and I’ve heard many stories about how buying a healthy puppy can go badly wrong for so many people.

It’s heart breaking and also so unnecessary.

Simon James

Cockapoo For Life

You Can Learn About

  • The Cockapoo Breed
  • The Hypoallergenic Myth
  • Costs
  • Health Care & Costs
  • Generations Explained
  • Where To Find A Cockapoo Puppy
  • Finding A breeder
  • Crating
  • Early Socialisation
  • Essential Training
  • Best Diet for Cockapoos
  • Life Time Support
  • Link To Upto date local breeders List

One of the things which makes these books stand out above the others for me is that the author can be contacted for advice through the website. Dogs don’t follow rule books so I’ve often found after reading a puppy/dog book I have a question but usually no one to ask – Karen, Tamworth

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This 30 Minute Training Guide is written for the dog owner who doesn’t have days and weeks to train their Cockapoo.

As any experienced dog trainer will tell you, no two dogs are the same. This statement is particularly true about Cockapoos because they’re a cross-breed. Unlike pure breeds, cross-breeds have unpredictable characteristics.  Based on The Dogs Trust Training method, it teaches simple, easy to follow instructions for both the Cockapoo and dog owner.

When you follow the steps in this guide, you will begin to understand dog training can be 100% successful and enjoyable for dog and owner.  You can be both partners and companions, so you’re Cockapoo becomes a respected, and respectful, member of his new family.

All Basic Commands Covered

What every dog owner enjoys is a ‘take anywhere dog’, that is well behaved in other people’s homes, at the shops and in the park. Learning the five basic commands will ensure you’ve got a Cockapoo that is always a pleasure to be with!


Getting your Cockapoo house-trained is the first training you’re going to do with him and the also the most important to help him settle into family life. The good news is it can be done as quickly as two weeks!


Doing crating correctly goes hand in hand with a puppy training programme. A dog crate serves several important functions for a puppy if introduced properly into his routine. It will become a place of comfort and safety and give him down time to relax but still feel part of the family.

Correcting Bad Behaviours

All dogs are prone to do the same things unless taught not to they will pull on the lead,  bark inappropriately  and jump up. All are common behaviours which are easily corrected.

First Tricks

Once you’ve got your confidence with Cockapoo Training, increase your bond with your dog and enjoy doing some fun tricks together.  I’ll show you how to do Shake A Paw and Roll Over.

Give you and your family the gift of a well trained dog. The 30 Minute Guide will allow your Cockapoo to the thing he wants to most – please you!

You Can Learn About

  • Canine psychology
  • A positive rewards based 4 step programme
  • Teach your Cockapoo his name
  • House training
  • Crating
  • Basic Commands
  • Correcting bad behaviours
  • Overcoming separation anxiety
  • First Tricks
  • Training Classes
  • Top Tips for teaching and training

I can’t think of anything important that isn’t covered. It’s well organised and practical in how it takes you right through from considering if you are right for a Cockapoo to searching and preparing to receive your new puppy through to comprehensive training – Stuart Harding, Plymouth

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Most frequent questions and answers

What format are the books delivered?

They are eBooks that are downloaded as PDF files. All books are sold through a professional digital platform called Gumroad. You will need a PDF reader on your device – most smartphones and computers have them built it.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Yes, absolutely. We operate a no questions asked 7day refund policy.

When will I receive my ebooks?

Immediately! The eBooks will be downloaded to your device as soon as you have paid.

What if I have a question about one of the training techniques or breeders in the book?

Just ask! The books come with comprehensive support. I’m here to help and can be contacted at any time.

Customers reviews

Fairly comprehensive guide to puppy training, ownership and everything that you need from puppy to old age. I have recommended this to friends

Carl Peterson
San Rafael, CA
This is a awesome book series! Loads of useful and practical information! I love reading help books for my puppy and for people wanting to read about Cockapoos and not just generally dog books. best i’ve found xox!!!

Reading up on the subject before I spent £850 on a Cockapoo puppy made a lot of sense – Naomi, Maidstone


  • Teach Your Child How To Get Along With Your Cockapoo</h3 >

    A practical guide written for your kids to help prepare them to welcome a new Cockapoo puppy or rescue dog into their family. Due to their popularity many adolescent Cockapoos have been turning up in rescue shelters, and one of the key factors getting along with children

  • A book especially written for children</h3 >

    The young people at home that look after the dog often don’t look after hime well. Read book with your children so they understand the awesome responsibility of dog ownership

  • Safety For Child & Dog</h3 >

    Teach Your Child and Cockapoo to treat each other respectfully so they are both safe while you’re not there

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  1. These books were very helpful to me as I am a new Cockapoo Owner. Your First cockapoo covers everything a new owner needs to know, particular the all important purchase.

    The breeders list was very useful This book was a good buy, sure most people will feel the same.

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