Brindle Cockapoo

Have You Considered buying a beautiful Brindle Cockapoo?

Brindle Cockapoos are know for their tri colour coats and are quite rare in the UK.  If you did locate a breeder I would guess they would be the standard or Maxi size Cockapoo. I have never come across a miniature brindle Cockapoo.

Brindle Cockapoo puppy playing in the snow


Brindle colour Cockapoo

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  1. Hi – Im looking for a brindle cockapoo puppy. Can you help me find a breeder

    Size: The size of the dog i want i know will be depending on the size and breed of the Cocker Spaniel and Poodle used but on average these are the height and weight of a Cockapoo. Small: Weight 12 – 24 lb (5.4 – 11 kg) Height 10 – 15” (25 – 38 cm)

    I like the look of the brindle on this page

    Any help would be very welcome


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