Are Cockapoos Barkers? Use These 5 Simple Steps To Eliminate Unwanted Barking

Are Cockapoos Barkers?

All dogs bark and it can be quite cute. I really find it amusing when my little dog hears something and starts to make some little territorial barking noises.

The first thing to remember is that all dogs bark for a reason and the problems comes with the issues below:

  1. Barking at the edge of his territory. When he sees the postman or another dog
  2. Boredom barkers. Dogs that are craving companionship or mental stimulation. In some cases this can lead to compulsive barking which is an indicator something is seriously wrong. In most cases a dog is being left alone too much.
  3. Some breeds just bark more than others. Dogs that have been breed as guard dogs have a strong urge to bark at strangers and protect the family territory. Cockapoos are not one of those breeds but depending on circumstances they will bark too much which becomes a nuisance.
Are Cockapoos Barkers?
Train your Cockapoo not to bark

There are other reasons dogs bark, but let’s look at the two problem areas in more depth and think about common sense cures that work.

Territorial barkers

This one is relatively simple to stop. Use baby-gates and crating or put him somewhere he can’t see passers-by. If you are leaving him alone for a short period, leave the radio on. This will lessen his ability to hear external noises and also given him comfort of hearing friendly voices and gentle music.

Boredom barkers

Firstly, make sure your Cockapoo has been well exercised. A well exercised dog will bark less. If you’re going to be out for long periods then ask a friend or dog walker to stop by even if it’s just to play a game with him. Dogs are really social animals and generally don’t do well on their own. Barking is just a symptom of this.

You can also offer something to occupy him (like a Kong stuffed with treats). This will make your leaving beneficial to him, and stop the ‘I’m on my own now’ barking.

Train Your Cockapoo Not To Bark

Below are some really simple steps using a positive rewards method to lessen unwanted barking

  1. When your dog is barking join in with him (let yourself go and don’t be embarrassed just have fun). You can even add a command to it like ‘woof’
  2. Then take a treat out and hold it in front of his nose
  3. He will stop barking because he has to…and just wait
  4. After 5 seconds give him the treat
  5. Repeat and extend the waiting period

This will reinforce to him that not barking equals something good will happen. Like all these training sessions it takes time and patience. But if you’re having fun it’s no trouble at all.

Are Cockapoos Barkers?
A well exercised dog barks less

Wrap up

The answer to Are Cockapoo’s Barkers? depends a lot on the owner. A well exercised, mental engaged Cockapoo that is well socialised and has his owner about most of the time is key. Then throw in a few training techniques as outlined above and you won’t have a Cockapoo barking problem.

Remember barking is your Cockapoos main way of communication, so he will need to bark sometimes. Like every aspect of his behaviour your investment in him – by taking the time to train him – will help you and your poo find acceptable, appropriate levels of barking.

Punishing doesn’t work. It just makes a dog anxious and stressed, will not cure unwanted barking and probably make it worse as well as provoking other unwanted behaviours like aggression.

Like all training, be patient with your Cockapoo and be heartened by small improvements you see. There are other methods that are also useful.

Feel free to drop me a question below.


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Training Tips: How To Teach Your Cockapoo His Name

Cockapoo training tips for first time owners

Many people forget to teach their Cockapoo puppy their name and what their name means.

You need to teach your Cockapoo something good is about to happen when his name is called. So he learns you (his owner) really is worth paying attention to. This is the best way to be able to get his attention when you need it and it’s also the first step to getting your Cockapoo to come back when you call him. This means you can call him away from things you don’t want him to get involved in.

Cockapoo’s like any dog, can only think about one thing at a time. So if they’re thinking about you they can’t think about anything else.

Cockapoo training tips
Start training your Cockapoo puppy from day one

Training Starts From Day One

For all dogs, the earlier they start a training programme the better. I always use a positive rewards based training system. Rewards when used for training are more than treats. They are a way of letting your dog know ‘well done’ when he has done the right thing. Keeping things positive is much more fun for your dog and the owner. Withholding a treat and praise is a strong enough message for a puppy that desperately craves your affection and praise.


The 5 Steps To Teach Your Cockapoo His Name

You can practice this anytime, in the park, in the bath, where ever. Once he learns to look at you when his name is called, he will associate his name with getting something yummy!

1. Make sure you have plenty of treats on you

2. Wait for a time when you’re relaxing at home and your dog is not paying attention to you

3. Then call his name (using a clear bright tone)

4. Wait until your Cockapoo looks at you and then give him a treat

5. If he doesn’t look at you, don’t repeat his name

cockapoo training tips for first time owners
Make sure he is looking at your or else no treat

It’s that simple, but there are no second chances with this one. If he doesn’t respond he just doesn’t get a treat. Just try again a few minutes later. You want him to look at you the first time.

He soon learns his name means he must pay attention to you. This is a great starting point to go on and teach him other things. And remember, if he’s not looking at you he’s not listening.


Getting your dogs attention is a foundation that all further training rests on. If you don’t have that you fighting a losing battle. You will find that next training commands like sit, walking on the lead and the all important recall will come much easier once he knows his name.

Feel free to drop me a message below.

cockapoo training guide
After he know his name other basic commands will be easier to teach

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