Cockapoo Grooming Tools

Grooming tools

If you are having difficulty deciding which Cockapoo grooming tools to use the following may be helpful, although every owner has their favourites.

Each of the following tools is quite popular in my experience (please note there is no affiliate recommendations here). I’ve just noted what the tool actually is and why it’s good. Bear in mind two things:

  1. Your Cockapoo’s type of coat- is it hair or fur?
  2. Your dog’s age, as it affects the coat’s level of difficulty

Essential items to use when  grooming a Cockapoo at home are-


It’s important to choose a brush wisely for your Cockapoo’s grooming regime. It needs to be one that gets through dog hair. There are many to choose from and you will need to choose between a wire-pin brush a bristle brush and a slicker brush.

  • The bristle brush is great for dogs with short to medium hair. It helps with coat shine by distributing the hair’s natural oils, whilst removing dirt.
  • Wire-pin brushes are for medium to long, curly or woolly coats and look like a series of pins stuck in a raised base.
  • Slicker brushes are excellent for smoothing and detangling, and are especially effective for long hair.  (Note that you can often find combination, two-headed brushes, which will save you a little money and make your grooming sessions more efficient.)

Dual brushes combine two of those mentioned above on the same brush if you want to save money, even though it may need replacing more often.

Each of these types of brush is easily acquired for less than $15 or £9 and can be found for less than $10 or £6.

Also is a good website to visit which offers a range of brushes. These can really help with different types of knots and matting as they vary in sizes and firmness. Do contact them if you are unsure which to choose as it’s important to get the right brush for your Cockapoo’s needs. is a good source to find your brushes.


Cockapoo Grooming Tools
Oster Premium Flexible Slicker Brush


Cockapoo Grooming Tools: Hair dryers

The stainless steel models are most popular and the speed variations and hot and cold options are really useful. Be careful when it is at its hottest and fastest as it is powerful. It’s also great for quickly removing debris and dirt stuck to the Cockapoo’s coat at the end of a decent walk. The Aerolus’ size is the real bonus as it travels well and can have a stand as well.

Aeolus Blaster Dryer

This nifty single motor blaster for dogs generally comes in at around £125 but for many, this is money well spent and the TD901T model in particular is gaining ground as it claims to be the most powerful in the world- The Tropiclean D-Mat Tangle Remover– recommended for tight curly coated Cockapoos.

This is a 16 ounce after bath or dry coat leave-in wonder spray designed to cut your brushing time in half give your dog’s fur shine and elasticity, especially if damaged. It’s latest pleasant smelling formula claims to remove and prevents tangles, mats, undercoat and loose hair and is available for around £29. Naturally, you will still need to brush and comb your Cockapoo’s hair.

Tropiclean’s shampoo and conditioner

To support the benefits of your Tropiclean remover you may also want to consider the shampoo and conditioner available for around £7 and £8 respectively. Best to use a shampoo that is free from soap and detergents so skin stays soft.

To do that, you work from the paws up and from root to tip of hair throughout. The tools you will need for this include a rake and a slicker brush.

Nobby Starline Soft Grip Disentangler

On medium to longhaired Cockapoos use a good rigid rake with 8 or 10 blades such as the Nobby Starline Grip Disentangler from paws upwards and across each hair from root to tip.

Specialised sprays can help you remove tangles, knots and matting but make sure you do spray on your dog when he or she is on a cleaning matt so as not to make your floor unsafe.

You might also want to consider a rolled leather collar which is known to help reduce mats and knots around the collar and ears.

grooming a cockapoo
Nobby Starline Soft Grip Disentangler

Experiment with Cockapoo grooming tools, maybe buy some second from ebay or just ask other owners at Cockapoo meet ups. Learning some grooming skills is a great way to save money in between trips to the professional groomer and also a fun way to bond with your poo from an early age. Everyone likes to look their best including your poo!

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